Top 10 unique fish tanks and bowls to buy

Fish as pets is one of the best hobbies to have. Having a thriving fish tank or bowl at home not only provides a healthy ecosystem for the fish to flourish in but also act as an excellent conversation piece for visiting friends and family.

In our earlier articles, we have looked at different types of fish tanks and aquariums – standard fish tanks, fish bowls, self-cleaning fish tanks, and even wall-mounted fish tanks. But what if you are looking for something more exotic for your home or office?

In this article, we spice the things a little and share our favorite elegant-looking, attention-grabbing unique fish tanks and bowls available in the market. These unique fish tanks and bowls can be used to create a live aquatic décor with a sea-bed, fish, shrimp or just aquatic plants. Depending upon your requirements or preferences, you can pick up the best model for your needs.

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Best Unique fish tanks and bowls list

Some of the best unique fish tanks and fish bowls available on Amazon are listed below:
Aqua Coffee Table Aquarium Tank28.0 gal.
EcoQubeC Desktop Betta Fish Tank2.0 gal.

SupperAcrylic Desk Betta Fish TankS: 1.3 gal.
M: 1.6 gal.
Umbra FishHotel Mini Aquarium1.8 gal.
Aqueon Betta Falls Kit2.1 gal.

FantaSea Hole-in-one Aquarium1.6 gal.
BioBubble Wonder Bubble Tunnel Kit1.25 gal.
The Nifty Nook Antiqued Decorative Fish Bowl1.0 gal.
Tetra Waterfall Globe Aquarium Kit1.8 gal.

Aquavista Betta Fish Clock Aquarium1.5 gal.

Unique Fish Tanks and Bowls Review

Aqua Coffee Table Aquarium TankMidwest Tropical Aquarium Coffee Table w Six Sides

Material: Acrylic tank with 0.375-inch beveled glass top.
Size: 28-gallons ; 45” x 26” x 15.5”
Price: $$$$
Suitable For: Multiple large fish aquarium.

Wouldn’t it be nice if the coffee table in your living room became the center of attraction? The ultra-cool Aqua Coffee Table Aquarium is just that. This hexagon coffee table aquarium is made in the US and features a high-quality, AAA-grade 28-gallons Acrylic fish tank with a solid 0.375-inch bevel glass table -top. The table pedestal is black acrylic and houses the table lights and filters.

The Aqua Table Aquarium provides a full-fledged freshwater aquarium tank for your fish. It comes with blue gravel, a 2-stage water filter and LED lighting, but you have to buy the other decorations separately. Assembling is easy and the only thing you require is to setup the power supply to the LED lighting.

The only downside is that it is costly and cleaning may require some effort as you would have to remove the heavy glass top. The manufacturer – Midwest Tropical Fountain has a bunch of other unique fish aquarium furniture products, such as the 15-gallon side table aquarium or the 30-gallon tower aquarium in case you want to check them out as well. This is truly a lifetime product if you can afford one!


EcoQubeC Desktop Betta Fish TankEcoQubeC Aquarium - Desktop Betta Fish Tank For Living Office And Home Décor

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Material: Acrylic fish tank with glass top.
Size: 2.0 gallons ; 7.5” x 7.5” x 9”
Price: $$$
Suitable For: Single betta or other adult fish with aquaponics setup.

Aquaponics-based, self-cleaning fish tanks are one of the most popular conversation capturing fish tanks and the EcoCubeC Aquarium is a perfect self-sustaining, low maintenance fish tank for anyone who is looking for a compact yet elegant-looking aquarium for his or her office desk, cubicle, home or shop.

The EcoCubeC aquarium features a clear acrylic fish tank that is handmade and flame-polished for clarity. Its 2-gallon capacity means that it can house one betta fish or a couple of guppies, tetras or minnows. The fish tank comes with LED lights, aquaponics filter, decoration and organic Basil seeds. It even has a wireless remote option for managing the lights and an aquarium cover for homes with cats.

Overall, the EcoCubeC Aquarium is an excellent living decor for your desk or home. And it is competitively priced and cheaper than most other aquaponics fish tank setups.

For more cool aquaponics fish tank options, you can check out our detailed article on the best self-cleaning fish tanks.

SupperAcrylic Desk Betta Fish TankSupperAcrylic Desk Betta Fish Tank

Material: Premium Acrylic fish tank.
Size: Small: 1.3 gallons ; 10.9″ × 4.1″ × 5.3″ ; Medium: 1.6 gallons ; 7.7″ x 5.9″ x 7.9″.
Price: $
Suitable For: Single small betta or other freshwater fish or a couple of fry fish.

SupperAcrylic Desk Fish Tank is a unique, elegant looking fish tank for your office desk, side table or counter. Featuring a premium acrylic fish tank, this aquarium has a unique green tint that gives the tank a clear glass look.

The SupperAcrylic Betta Fish tank is available in two sizes – Small and Medium. We love the Medium size the most because of its larger dimensions and 1.6-gallon capacity. The fish tank is suitable for fish, shrimp, tortoise or just some aquatic plants. The tank is open on top, so you have to be a little careful while filling it up as overfilling can lead to the chances of fish jumping off the top. You can also consider getting a cheap plexi-glass sheet as a cover if desired.

The SupperAcrylic Betta Fish tank does not come with decorations, filters or pumps, so you would have to purchase them separately as per your preference. The fish tank is competitively priced under $25 and is backed by 100% satisfaction guaranteed commitment, so you can get one without any worries.

Overall, the SupperAcrylic Desk Fish Tank is an attractive fish tank to get for your office desk or counter.

Umbra FishHotel Mini AquariumUmbra FishHotel Mini Aquarium, Great for Goldfish, Bettas, and Other Small Fish, 1.8 Gallon

Material: Glass cube surrounded by an ABS plastic façade
Size: 1.8 gallons ; 7.5” x 7.5” x 8”
Price: $$
Suitable For: Single small betta, crayfish, minnows or other tropical fry fish.

Who said condos were only for humans? The FishHotel Mini Aquarium by Umbra is an excellent aquarium with a contemporary condo apartment-like appearance. And you can stack multiple units over one another. The tank has a capacity of 1.8 gallons and hence is suitable for only a small betta, minnows, Crayfish or other freshwater fish in each tank. You can also choose to simply keep some aquatic plants, shrimp or just decorations in the fish tank.

The Umbra FishHotel Aquarium features a clear glass aquarium with an ABS plastic facade that has asymmetrical windows to give it an urban look. The facade is removable for cleaning and can be painted to suit the home or office decor. It does not come with a filter or heater and you would have to buy them separately.

Overall the Umbra FishHotel Mini Aquarium is an elegant, modern-looking fish tank. Alas! It comes in only a single small size. A bigger tank would surely be a big hit among fish hobbyists!

Aqueon Betta Falls KitAqueon Betta Falls Kit, White

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Material: Acrylic fish tank
Size: 2.1 gallons ; 16.9″ × 10.9″ × 11.4″
Price: $$
Suitable For:  Three betta, crayfish or other freshwater small fish

The Aqueon Betta Falls Kit is a unique betta fish tank that is designed to house three separate fish – primarily betta, crayfish, minnows or other freshwater fish. It features an acrylic fish tank having frosted panels with individual compartment lids to keep the bettas separate.

The Aqueon Betta Falls Aquarium has a cascading waterfall feature that creates a continuous, adjustable flow of water. Because of the continuous flow of water, it is suitable only for small betta fish which does not mind the water flow and not suitable for a fish with large fins.

The Aqueon Betta Falls Kit uses the Aqueon QuietFlow power filtration to keep the water clean. The fish tank also has a fill indicator to show the water level in the tank. The Kit comes in two colors – White and Black and contains a fish tank, a filter cartridge and a couple of food and water care samples as a bonus. Decorations and Lighting would have to be purchased separately.

So if you are looking for a unique flowing-water aquarium for small betta or other freshwater fish, then you can consider checking out the Aqueon Betta Falls Kit.

For some more betta fish tanks, you can check out our article on the best betta fish tanks.

FantaSeas Hole-in-one AquariumFantaSeas Golf Course Aquarium

Material: Plastic tank
Size: 1.6 gallons ; 11.5″ x 7.5″ x 9″
Price: $
Suitable For: Single small betta, tetras, guppies or other small freshwater fish

The FantaSeas Aquarium, with its two colorful designs, is an excellent beginner fish tank to check out.   The Aquarium is available in two designs – Retro Townhouse and Golf Course. We prefer the Golf Course (Hole-In-One) design because of its larger, 1.6-gallon size.

Each tank is made of high-quality plastic and is open on the top. If you would like to have a lid on the top, you would need to get a plexi-glass sheet. And since it is made of plastic, it is advised to wash the fish tank thoroughly before using it to avoid leaching of chemicals in the water.

Both the FantaSeas Aquarium designs have a decent decorative environment with a lot of tunnels and hiding places and are perfect for small tetras, betta and other freshwater fish. Each tank comes with the decoration and fantasy plastic fish to go with the aquarium, although the filter or lighting is not included. The decorative pieces are reasonably sturdy, so you do not have to worry about their durability while cleaning them up periodically.

The FantaSeas Hole-In-One aquarium is a decent beginner aquarium to get for a teenager and can be used as a fish tank or simply a toy tank with some plastic fish in it. Its creative, colorful looks would definitely get the young folks interested!

BioBubble Wonder Bubble Tunnel KitBioBubble Tunnel Kit Fish Bowl, Blue

Material: Plastic tank
Size: 1.25 gallons ; 11.5″ x 11.5″ x 14.5″
Price: $$
Suitable For: Single small betta or other freshwater fish.

The BioBubble Wonder Bubble Tunnel Kit is a unique fish bowl for an adventurous fish that likes to explore. Designed for a betta or any other small freshwater fish, this fish bowl features a creative semi-aquatic environment.

The Wonder Bubble is made of plastic and has a twin-bowl compartment with a connecting tunnel in between. The tunnel uses a positive water pressure to keep it filled with water for fish to swim through. The bulb in the middle of the tunnel has a flat back to add your favorite background or family photo. The Bubble bowl rests on a heavy-duty ABS plastic base that is available in multiple vibrant colors.

The Kit includes the fish bowl, silicone covers for each end of the tunnel and a planting tray for growing flowers or plants. Its 1.25 gallon capacity is a slight let-down and a 2+ gallon design would be such a big hit.

Still, the BioBubble Wonder Bubble Tunnel Kit is an excellent novelty item and conversation starter for your living room, office or shop counter, with or without the fish.

The Nifty Nook Antiqued Decorative Fish BowlThe Nifty Nook Exclusive Design New Good Luck Decorative Gold Antiqued Elephant Glass Fish Bowl Tabletop Aquarium or Terrarium or Candle Holder,New 1 Gallon Size Fish Bowl with River Rocks

Material: Glass fish bowl with Polyresin decorative figurine.
Size: 1.0 gallons ; 11.0″ x 7.8″ x 11.2″
Price: $$$
Suitable For: Small freshwater fish or a Terrarium

If you are looking for a unique fish bowl that can double up as an antique décor, then check out the Nifty Nook Antiqued Glass Fish Bowl. This golden, decorative piece is available with multiple figurines, but we love the one with an elephant.

The Nifty Nook Antiqued bowl features a 1-gallon glass fish bowl, a Polyresin figurine base and a decorative accent ring. Some river rocks are also added, though would need to buy some additional rocks for a well-stocked river bed. The Elephant figurine has the trunk lifted for good luck!

This unique fish bowl is suitable for use as a Terrarium or simple aquatic decoration. And if you want to keep a fish in it, pick a tiny fry fish or a small betta fish.

Though slightly overpriced, the Nifty Nook Antiqued Glass Fish Bowl is indeed a decent decorative piece to get for your home or office. So if you are looking for a unique fish bowl that can give an antique look to your home or office, then you can definitely consider picking one of the Nifty Nook Glass Fish Bowls.

Tetra Waterfall Globe Aquarium KitTetra Waterfall Globe Aquarium Bowl with LEDs, 1.8 gallon

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Material: Glass globe with ABS plastic stand.
Size: 1.8 gallons ; 12” x 12” x 9”
Price: $$
Suitable For: Single small betta or a couple of fry fish

The Tetra Waterfall Globe Aquarium Kit is a unique fish aquarium that gives a creative, fun-filled angle to the classic fish bowl with a built-in filtration system that doubles up as a waterfall for circulating the water.

The Tetra Waterfall Globe Aquarium features a glass fish bowl with an ABS plastic stand. Its cartridge-based filtration system provides a regular flow of water through the tank. The latest models have a plastic piece to control the splash and sound produced by the waterfall. The kit also includes Low voltage LED lights that illuminate the globe to provide an excellent decorative look to the tank. Its 1.8-gallon capacity means that you can keep only a single betta, crayfish or a couple of fry fish in the tank along with some decorations and air plants.

Competitively priced, the Tetra Waterfall Globe Aquarium Kit is an excellent smart-looking starter fish tank to get for yourself or as a gift.

Aquavista Betta Fish Clock AquariumAquavista Betta Fish Clock Aquarium, Pearl Black by AquaVista

Material: Clear plastic tank with ABS-plastic sidewalls.
Size: 1.5 gallons ; 12” x 12” x 5” (**Latest fish clock model claims more capacity)
Price: $$
Suitable For: Single betta or other small freshwater fish

Looking for a unique fish tank but pressed for space? Then you need to check out the wall-mounted Aquavista Betta Fish Clock Aquarium. This unique clock-plus-aquarium features a clear plastic tank with black ABS-plastic periphery.

The latest model claims to have double the capacity (original Aqua clock had 1.5 gallons) making it a perfect habitat for a small betta or other freshwater fish. The Aquavista Aquarium has a covered tank with a small opening for feeding the fish. The fish tank does not include the installation fittings, but you can use a fitting bracket from the nearby hardware store to install it on the wall. Just remember to install it on a solid wall that can carry the weight of a filled-in wall fish tank.

Some Fish Clock customers have reported small issues with the clock hands, so it is important that you check-out the delivered piece before installing.

The wall-mounted Aquavista Betta Fish Clock Aquarium is an excellent space saving conversation piece to have for your living room wall. It would surely grab the attention of your guests.

For more information and additional wall-mounted fish tank options, check out our article on the best wall-mounted fish tanks.

Additional options

In addition to the unique fish tanks and bowls listed above, there are some additional low-capacity options which we like. While these sub-gallon fish bowls are elegant looking and make excellent conversation pieces, they are not suitable for keeping any type of adult fish in them. You could, however, consider keeping a tiny fry fish, shrimps or just some aquatic decorations in these unique fish bowls.

Cohasset Molten Glass Table TankCohasset 650-20 8

Hand-crafted, molten-glass-on-teakwood combination creates an excellent showpiece for desks, counter or bookshelf. Available in two sizes, with the standard tank having an approximate dimension of 8″ x 7″ x 9″. The tank can store about 0.5 gallons of water and best suited for aquatic decoration, succulents or air plants. Slightly overpriced when compared to some other similar tanks, but you get what you pay for.

Home Essentials Glass Fish-shaped BowlHome Essentials 786460172302 CLEAR FISH BOWL - CLEAR FISH SHAPED BOWL

Another popular clear-glass fish bowl itself designed in the shape of a fish. Perfect for center tables and counter-tops. While there are a lot of similar options available, the one by Home Essentials is probably the best. It is about 13-inches long, 8-inches wide and 8-inches tall with a 3.5-inch fish mouth opening. The bowl can hold about 0.7 gallons of water, but it works best as an aquatic showpiece with shells or pebbles and not as a fish tank. Some people also use it as a candy dish.

Docooler USB Desktop Fry Fish TankDocooler USB Desktop Mini Fish/small fry Tank Aquarium with LED Clock

A creatively-designed unique fish tank with an LCD clock. Features a 0.5 gallon fish tank which has a provision to recirculate the water when powered through a USB. The display piece has a dual compartment pen holder and a backlit LCD clock with alarm and 6-nature sound box. The mini tank needs 3 AA-batteries for the LCD clock and the sound box. Comes with decorative pebbles and an artificial plant. Best for a study or office desk.

Things to Remember

While the unique fish tanks, fish bowls and aquariums that we listed above are attractive conversations pieces, you need to keep a few things in mind before deciding upon how you would be using them. After all, you would like them to be elegant decor items and not something that is simply cruel for the fish or requires a lot of maintenance. Some of these major things to remember are summarized below:

  • Size Matters: Though almost all the unique fish tanks and bowl product images show thriving fish in the tanks, not all these items provide a comfortable environment for the fish. Be it the betta fish, tetra, guppy or goldfish, you need a reasonably sized tank for the proper upkeep. Adult bettas and most other fish need a 2+ gallon fish tank to flourish. You may have noticed fish in small cups and bowls in your nearby pet store, but that is not the most suitable habitat for their long-term survival. Smaller tanks are only suitable to keep fry fish, minnows, shrimps or other very small fish breeds. You can even consider using the small fish bowls to just have some aquatic air plants, shells or just a decorative water-bed.
  • Filter and heater: Many decorative fish tanks do not have provisions for setting up a filter or heater. Keep this in mind before picking the option you would like to pick if you plan to use the tank for keeping fish in it. You may have to improvise a little as well.
  • Flowing water: Some fish prefer a steady circulation of water, while others get stressed by it. We have listed some options that have water pumps and waterfalls which create a water flow in the tank. So, keep this in mind before picking the best design for your fish.
  • Cleaning: Irrespective of whether you are using the fish tank for keeping fish, aquatic plants or just decorations, you would need to clean the fish tanks regularly to ensure that there is no algae buildup in the tank. This is even more important if you have a live animal in the tank.

Keeping these things in mind before and after setting up a unique fish tank or bowl would ensure that you truly have an excellent showpiece for your home, office or business.

Final thoughts on the top unique fish tanks and bowls

A well-kept fish tank is a stylish, elegant decor in itself. However, if you are looking to take a step forward and get a creative-looking fish tank or bowl that can be the center of attraction and a conversation piece, then you need something unique.

In this article, we looked at some of the best unique fish tanks and bowls. These cool and creatively-designed fish tanks are not only elegant-looking but also work well as a decent betta or other small fish aquariums. Some of them even work well as terrariums, live aquatic plant tanks or just sea-bed showpieces.

We hope that you found this article useful for picking the next cool fish tank for betta or any other fish as a conversation starter for your living room or as a gift for your colleagues, family or friends. Do let us know your feedback and questions by commenting below. Until next time, have a playful time with your fish!