Frisco Cat Trees Review – Affordable and Stylish Cat Furniture

It is a well-established fact that indoor cats are healthier and live longer than outdoor cats. But staying indoors means, you need to ensure that the kitty is getting enough exercise and entertainment to stay active and healthy. After all, you don’t want your kitty to spend his/her day looking lethargic or fighting with other pets and damaging household furniture and items. A cat tree is exactly the pet furniture that you need!

Cat trees are one of the most versatile types of cat furniture in the market – they can be used for lounging, napping, scratching, feeding, and playing too!

But picking the right cat tree is important – you need a cat tree that is durable, entertaining, rightly sized and does not cost a fortune. Well, Frisco Cat Trees by Chewy are exactly the series of cat trees that you should check out.

In this article, we will review the Frisco Cat Trees and share our findings on their line of cat trees. While covering each and every design that these cat trees are available in may be difficult, we will list some of the most popular ones available on Buckle up and Read On!

Disclaimer: The review here is totally independent and is driven only by the actual quality of the product, a pinch of personal bias (everyone knows Chewy has an awesome customer service) and the bias of our expert’s resident kitty!

Frisco Cat Trees List

Some of the most popular Frisco Cat Tree designs available in different sizes are listed below:
Frisco 72-in Cat Tree27” x 39” x 72”.
63.1 lbs.
2 apartments.
10 scratching posts.
2 scratching board ramps.
Frisco 62-in Cat Tree31” x 33.5” x 62”.
49.4 lbs.
1 apartment.
6 scratching posts.
1 scratching board ramp.
Frisco 52-in Cat Tree22” x 23.5” x 52”.
33.5 lbs.
1 apartment.
5 scratching posts.
1 scratching board ramp.
Frisco 48-in Heavy Duty Cat Tree34.5” x 32.2” x 48”.
22.5 lbs.
1 apartment.
4 scratching posts.
Frisco 28-in Cat Tree23” x 17” x 28”
15.0 lbs.
1 apartment.
2 scratching posts.
Frisco 62-in Modern Cat Tree & Condo22” x 22” x 62”.
54.0 lbs.
2 apartments.
1 perch.
8 scratching posts.

Frisco Cat Tree Specifications

The key specifications of the Frisco Cat Trees are listed below:

  • Building Material:
    • Particle-board (Engineered wood) frame.
    • Soft Sherpa faux-fleece (polyester-based) or plush material cover.
    • 5mm cardboard tube scratching posts wrapped with Natural Sisal rope.
    • Felt or faux-fleece dangling toys with Sisal hanging rope.
    • Modern Cat Tree: Engineering board frame with Laminated cover.
  • Sizes: 20″, 28″, 42″, 48″, 52″, 62″, 72″, 78″.
  • Suitable for: Depends upon the tree size. Small kittens and cats weighing from 5 lbs up to 25 lbs. Most models are not suitable for large and extra-large cats weighing over 25 lbs.
  • Assembly: Comes disassembled. Includes bolts, screws, and metal wall brackets (optional) along with instructions for setting up.
  • Style and colors: Available in 4-5 colors with over 8 modern designs with perches, apartments, scratching posts and ramps.
  • Cleaning and maintenance: Periodically vacuum the surface. Spot clean stains with gentle soap and cold water.
  • Country of origin: Designed in the US. Made in China under strict quality control measures.
  • Warranty: 100% satisfaction guaranteed commitment for at least six months.
  • Price range: $ to $$ depending upon the size and design.

Frisco Cat Trees Review

To thoroughly review and evaluate the Frisco Cat Trees, we primarily focused on the building material and quality, design features, color and style, ease of maintenance, and the price/cost of ownership. Our findings are summarized below:

Building material and quality

Frisco Cat Trees have a decent build quality for the price they are offered at.

As listed in the specifications, Frisco Cat Trees have components made of the following material:

  • Pre-fabricated particle-board (Engineered wood) frame with 4+mm thick ply.
  • Soft frame cover made of polyester-based Sherpa faux-fleece or plush material.
  • 5mm or thicker cardboard tube ramps and scratching posts wrapped with Natural Sisal rope.
  • Faux-fleece felt dangling toys with sisal rope suspenders.

The Frisco Cat Trees are available in Regular and Deluxe builds. There is not much difference between the two models, except that the Deluxe models have softer, thicker faux material covers and use a wider, thicker rope for the scratching posts. Deluxe tree models tend to be heavier and slightly costlier than the standard cat tree models.

The Frisco Modern Cat Trees offer a more elegant, “furnitury” look with their laminated Engineering board frame. The scratching posts of these trees are also wrapped with the best-quality sisal rope.

So unless you are looking for a custom-made luxurious cat tree made of solid wood, you will find the pre-fabricated wooden construction of Frisco Cat Trees suitable for most of your cat furniture needs.

Design features

When it comes to the design features, Frisco Cat Trees are second to none in the market.

Each cat tree is expertly designed here in the US by experts who know more than a few things about the primary needs of the felines these cat furniture can fulfill.

While the actual number of amenities may vary on the size of the cat trees, most of the Frisco Cat Trees have a combination of the following key features:

  • Soft and comfortable elevated perches to lounge on. The perches are generally circumferenced with elevated edges to provide a secure resting station.
  • Plenty of scratching posts and/or scratchboard ramps, wrapped with natural sisal ropes to “sharpen their claws”.
  • Multi-door cube apartments/condos to hide or snooze in privacy. Most apartments are large enough for cats and kittens weighing up to 20-25 lbs.
  • One or more dangling toys to pat or play with.
  • For large 50+” cat trees, a wide base (20″ x 20″ or bigger) to support everything above it.

So, as you can see, Frisco Cat Trees offer your kitty or kitties a versatile piece of furniture to use for snoozing or playing.

Size and weight

The size of the cat tree expressed in terms of the height of the tree and dimensions of the base and perches is an important factor before picking the best cat tree for your pets.

The size of the cat tree that you should opt for is generally governed by the space that you have, the cat’s breed and size, and the number of kittens or cats.

The Frisco Cat Trees are available in a variety of sizes, ranging from 20″ high, single perch trees up to 78″ high, five apartment and perch trees. 60+ inch cat trees are perfect for multi-pet homes, while smaller trees are only suitable for a single pet in a small studio and single bedroom apartments.

As a side note, if you are looking for a high-quality cat tree for your small apartment or studio, check out this excellent article on the best cat trees for small apartment by

The size of the base, perches, and apartments of these cat trees is suitable for most cat breeds, though an extra-large Maine Coon or Bengal may find the enclosed apartment too small in size. We recommend that you check the size of the base and perches before picking the best option for your pet. The product description and Q&A section can generally provide this information.

Because of a particle-board construction, Frisco Cat Trees are not the heaviest option in the market. The weight varies from 15 lbs. for the smallest cat tree up to 65 lbs. for the extra-tall option.

Just remember that if you want to move a multi-level cat tree more than a few feet, it is a good idea to partially disassemble it, relocate and then reassemble it to prevent any damage during the movement.

Color and style

One of the biggest pluses with the Frisco Cat Trees is that they are available in a wide range of designs and color combinations.

At any given time, the manufacturer offers about eight to ten different options to choose from in both Regular and Deluxe designs. You also have the choice of four to five colors for most models, especially the larger cat trees – cream, grey, brown, black, and even blue. Cream (beige) is the standard color for most of the cat trees.

Even the elegant Frisco Modern Cat Trees are available in two laminated finishes – Natural wood finish and grey color.

So, depending upon your house décor and you and your kitty’s preference, you can pick a cat tree with an appropriate design, shape, and color. You can always reach out to the manufacturer if you have a specific design or color in mind and check if those options would be made available any time soon.

Care and maintenance

The care and maintenance of Frisco Cat Trees is not much different from most other cat trees. Cleaning the laminated surface of a Modern Cat Tree is easier and more convenient than the standard cat trees which have a faux fleece cover.

In order to clean the cat trees, we recommend that you follow the mechanisms discussed below.

  • Light Cleaning: Dust the surface with a dry cloth once every week or so to prevent any indoor dust and pet hair from settling in. A regular vacuum with attachments or a hand-held vacuum like the Black and Decker would also work well to remove the debris & hair. You can also use a standard lint roller if you do not want to use a vacuum cleaner.
  • Spot Cleaning: Use cold water and a soft cloth with some mild soap to scrub the faux leather surface. You can even use some baby shampoo as a cleaner.

In our evaluation period, we only had to use the hand-held vacuum a couple of times to clean the perches and apartments, which was not too cumbersome.

In addition, it would be a good idea to examine the frame and tighten the nuts-and-bolts and screws once every three or four months to ensure that the cat tree is not shaking and the perches, apartments, and posts are not loosening up.

One of the major limitations of these cat trees is that Chewy does not offer replacement parts for the trees at this time. So if the toys or fleece cover gets torn down or the Sisal rope wears down, you will have to improvise and look for similar replacement parts from other manufacturers.


One of the biggest selling points of Frisco Cat Trees is their affordable price. Pet owners after owners list this as one of the most attractive factors for opting for these cat trees.

Like other Frisco Pet Products, the Frisco Cat Trees are very competitively priced for the quality they offer and about 15-20% cheaper than similar options in the market and offer a great quality-to-cost ratio.

And if you time your purchase perfectly, you can get even more discount on their already low prices (Check the ChewyDeals Reddit Forum for a curated list of the best pet product deals).

The Verdict

Based on our evaluation and review of the product specifications and the in-use performance, we believe that Frisco Cat Trees are an ideal, value-for-money cat tree option for small and mid-size cats.

These cat trees are reasonably durable as well as soft and comfortable to provide ample rest and rich in amenities to provide plenty of mental stimulation to the kitty.

To summarize, the major positives and negatives of the Frisco Cat Trees that we observed are listed below:

  • Affordable cat trees featuring high-quality particle-board frame, soft faux-fleece or plush material cover and natural sisal-wrapped scratching posts.
  • Versatile and rich in features and amenities and can be used for snoozing, hiding, scratching, feeding and playing.
  • Easy to assemble with instructions and come with required hardware – screws, bolts, and metal wall brackets (optional).
  • Wider base, especially in large cat trees provides proper support and stability.
  • Available in over eight regular and deluxe models in different sizes and colors. Suitable for single or multi-pet homes for one or more cats weighing up to 20-25 lbs.
  • Backed by 100% satisfaction guaranteed commitment for at least six months and a dedicated customer support service.
  • Competitively priced and offer an excellent quality-to-cost ratio.
  • Replacement parts such as hanging toys, perch reinforcements, and fleece covers are not available.
  • Because of the particle-board construction, size and design, most models are not suitable for large and extra-large cats such as Maine Coons and Bengals.

Final Thoughts on the Frisco Cat Trees

Cat trees are the most versatile pet furniture – your kitty can use them for napping, scratching, feeding, playing and just all-round entertainment and workout. But picking the right cat tree as per your requirements is important.

In this article, we looked at stylish and affordable Frisco Cat Trees. Frisco is Chewy’s in-house brand which offers high-quality pet products at affordable prices. And the Frisco Cat Trees are no different. They are available in multiple sizes, designs and color combinations, suitable for all households – be it a small apartment or a large house.

So, if you are looking for a high-quality cat tree for your pet (or pets), then you definitely consider the Frisco Cat Tree as one of your options.

For any more questions or comments, feel free to share them through the comment section below and we would be happy to answer them. And if you are looking for additional interactive cat toys, you can check out our article on the best cat toys for indoor cats.

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