Best cat toilet training kits to buy in 2020

If you are a cat owner or planning to get one in near future, then you must plan for your kitty to do its business and set up a litter box. These cat litter boxes require regular sifting and scooping to remove the cat feces and urine clumps from the litter tray. For proper upkeep of these litter trays, you need to spend money on replacing the cat litter regularly and upgrading the litter boxes every year or so.

One way to raise your game is to opt for a self-cleaning cat litter box, which do not require frequent sifting and scooping. But even they require you to replace the litter periodically. Wouldn’t it be nice if your cat could use the toilet (Remember Mr. Jinx from Meet the Parents)? Well, it is possible, with the right type of cat toilet training kits and training aids.

In this article, we will look at the four best cat toilet training kits available in the market. We will also list some training aids that you can use with these cat toilet seats to increase the chances of success.

Read on to find out which are the best cat toilet training kits and systems available in the market.

Best cat toilet training kit list

Some of the best cat toilet training kits and systems available in the market are listed below:
PictureProductPrice Indicator 

Litter Kwitter Cat Toilet Training System$$$

CitiKitty Cat Toilet Training Kit$
Kitty's Loo Cat Toilet Training Kit$$$
Nareo Cat Toilet Training SystemNareo Cat Toilet Training System$$

Which are the best cat toilet training kits?

Litter Kwitter Cat Toilet Training System – Editor’s pick for the best cat toilet training kitCat Toilet Training System By Litter Kwitter - Teach Your Cat to Use the Toilet - With Instructional DVD

The Doogie’s Litter Kwitter cat toilet training system is the worldwide best-selling cat toilet training kit since 2005, with over 1 million units sold across 40 countries. It is manufactured in the US with warehouses worldwide for easy distribution.

The Litter Kwitter cat toilet training system comes with a white egg-shaped toilet disc and three red, amber and green-colored removable training insert discs (like the Red, Orange and Green traffic lights). All the trays are made in the US with non-toxic, BPA-free ABS plastic and boast of the best in class quality and durability. The training kit also includes an all-color training manual and a training DVD to help you through the training process.

The Litter Kwitter has dimensions of 15.8” x 15.8” x 3.2” and fits all toilet whose outer rim is 15-inches or less and inner rim is not less than 9.75 inches. You can refer to the training manual for some more details on how you can fit it to the elongated types of toilet seats.

The Litter Kwitter cat toilet training system follows a proven training process which is considered the most effective in the field. You start by placing the white toilet disc with the litter-filled red disc on the floor. In the next step, you move the setup on the bathroom toilet seat and encourage your kitty to use the litter tray on the toilet.

Progressively, you move to the Amber/Orange disc, which has a hole in it and then to the Green tray after your kitty is comfortable with the hole in the toilet seat. Post the successful transition, your cat can switch to just the white toilet disc on the bathroom toilet seat or just the bathroom toilet seat.

The best part of this training system is that the additional training discs smooth out the transitions between discs. You can always go back to a stage if your cat is not able to progress further. The litter discs or trays are reusable and there is no cutting through the discs to make a hole/opening.

The Litter Kwitter cat toilet training system is also available in multi-cat MultiKat kit and backed by a six-month manufacturer warranty.

For its durable construction, excellent quality and simple and effective training process, the Doogie’s Litter Kwitter cat toilet training system is our pick for the best cat toilet training kit. If you are looking for a proven cat toilet training system, then Litter Kwitter is the first option to look at.
  • High-quality, best-selling cat toilet training kit with over 1 million sales across 40 countries. Made in the US.
  • Features non-toxic ABS plastic toilet seat with removable red, amber and green-colored training rings. The rings can be reused in case of a training relapse – no cutting the rings in the insert.
  • The kit includes the toilet seat, 2 training rings, an illustration-rich training manual and a multi-language training DVD.
  • Available in multi-cat and combo options and backed by a six-month manufacturer warranty.
  • Costlier than CitiKitty or Kitty’s Loo cat toilet training kits.
  • Because of its designs, fits only standard round and some elongated toilet seats (not square or large oblong seats).

CitiKitty Cat Toilet Training Kit – Value Pick for the best cat toilet training kitCitiKitty Cat Toilet Training Kit

The CitiKitty cat toilet training kit has long been a popular, value-for-money toilet training system among cat owners. Having been around since 2005/2006, the CitiKitty cat toilet training system gained prominence after a successful funding and support campaign on Shark Tank in 2011 by its founder and owner Rebecca Rescate.

The patented CitiKitty cat toilet training kit comes with a uniquely shaped toilet seat with a removable/replaceable grooved tray insert, a step-by-step instruction manual and a catnip sample as a bonus. The toilet seat is made in the US and is reasonably durable, though the build quality is not as heavy-duty as the Litter Kwitter. Cleaning is easy as the plastic polymer surface is scratch-free and wiping friendly. The toilet seat has dimensions of 15.5” x 15.0” x 1.2” and weighs just over one pound.

You also have the option to get a system with another grooved toilet tray insert to allow you to replace the original one in case your cat regresses on the training after removing the rings. The toilet seat is designed to fit almost all types of standard bathroom toilets.

The CitiKitty cat toilet training kit follows a five-step training process, which starts by placing the CitiKitty seat on the toilet with the insert tray, filling the insert tray with a flushable litter (and catnip if required) and gradually removing a ring from it every week. In most cases, however, you would need to wait a little longer before removing a ring (Do not rush the training – it is the main reason of failure of this system).

Once your cat has successfully mastered using the toilet seat, you can toss the training seat altogether or continue using it over the standard toilet seat rim.

The CitiKitty cat toilet training system is backed by a 30-day money back guarantee on manufacturing defects.

For its decent quality, success rate and value-for-money, the CitiKitty cat toilet training kit is our value pick for the best cat toilet training kit. It is one of the most popular cat toilet training systems and there is a good reason for that.
  • Decent-quality, popular cat toilet training kit of Shark Tank 2011 Fame. Made in the US.
  • Features a unique, non-toxic polymer plastic toilet seat with a grooved training tray for litter. Fits most standard toilets – round and elongated.
  • Simple, fast-paced toilet training system that works best with confident kittens and cats 6 months or older.
  • Comes with a toilet seat, a litter tray insert, training manual and a free catnip sampler. Additional training kit options are also available.
  • Competitively priced and considerably cheaper than the Litter Kwitter.
  • Construction quality is not as sturdy as the Litter Kwitter or Kitty’s Loo.
  • Fast-paced training process can sometimes lead to a higher failure rate.

Kitty’s Loo Cat Toilet Training KitKitty's Loo - The Best Cat Toilet Training Kit/Seat Look!

The Kitty’s Loo cat toilet training kit is the latest addition to the reliable cat toilet training systems. Though designed to work with cats of all ages and sizes, it works best with slightly bigger cats and kittens (4 months or older).

This Kitty’s Loo cat toilet training kit includes a platform seat with a set of grip pads, a sieved litter bowl, and an easy-to-follow toilet training instruction manual. The cat toilet training seat is available in standard white color, which is very much like the color of white toilet seats.

The Kitty’s Loo cat toilet training seat is made in the US with BPA-free ABS plastic which is more durable than most other flimsy toilet training seats. The seat has dimensions of 15.5″ X 17.0″ x 2.0″, which would fit almost all round and most elongated standard bathroom toilet seats. Its heavy-duty construction means that the toilet seat can safely hold a feline weighing up to 30 lbs. It has oversized rims ensuring that the toilet seat provides plenty of real-estate to the cat to settle comfortably over the toilet seat.

The Kitty’s Loo cat toilet training kit uses a slightly different design and process for toilet training. It has a sieved litter bowl in the middle. The toilet training process involves filling the litter bowl with flushable pellet litter and using the toilet seat on the standard open cat litter tray and then slowly move it to the actual toilet seat.

Once it is fitted on the toilet seat, the litter bowl can progressively be left empty and washed with running water after use. Finally, when the kitty is comfortable with empty litter bowl, it can be removed to have the waste pass directly into the toilet. Your toilet training cat can now use the Kitty’s Loo toilet seat for doing its business.

Eco-friendly and vet-approved, the Kitty’s Loo is another decent cat toilet training kit in the market, especially if you have a large-sized kitty.

Nareo Cat Toilet Training KitNareo Cat Toilet Training System Professional Cat Toilet Training Kit Kitty Urinal Seat Toilet Trainer

The Nareo cat toilet training kit is the newest entrant to the limited list of reliable cat toilet training kits.

It features a unique square-shaped cat toilet training seat with dimensions of 15.74″ x 15.74″ x 1.37″. The toilet training seat is made in China of non-toxic plastic and has a smooth scratch-free surface. Its square shape means that this toilet training kit can work with square bathroom toilets as well, in addition to the standard round and elongated toilets. The toilet seat does not look as durable as the Kitty Loo’s or Litter Kwitter but is still reasonably sturdy.

The Nareo cat toilet training seat has a standard grooved design tray in the middle (3-stages) which is very much like the one in CitiKitty. The training process is also similar – you fill the tray with litter and progressively remove the trays from the seat as your kitty gets comfortable with the toilet seat.

Some buyers have reported that the trays are not easy to cut out and can sometimes lead to the tray rim getting out of shape. You also do not have another insert in case your feline regresses on the training and you will have to tape/super-glue the removed trays manually.

The Nareo cat toilet training kit is another cat toilet training kit to consider for your kitty, especially if you have a square-shaped toilet in your bathroom.

Best Training Aids to use with cat toilet training kits

Now that we have looked at some of the best cat toilet training kits and systems, let us check out some of the best training aids that you can use to support your toilet training process and improve chances of successfully toilet training your kitty.


In order to get more information and tips and tricks on toilet training your kitty (and maybe even before starting your cat toilet training process), you can check out the following best-selling books on the subject:

How to Toilet Train Your Cat
How to Toilet Train Your Cat: 21 Days to a Litter-Free Home

This best-selling guide on how to toilet train a cat is authored by Paul Kunkel. In 140 odd pages, the author covers all aspects on how to toilet train a litter-trained cat. The author follows a 21-day program, though you may have to extend it a little further for your kitty. The book is available in the paperback edition and the current second edition of the book was published in February, 2017.

Toilet Train Your Cat, Plain and Simple
Toilet Train Your Cat, Plain and Simple: An Incredible, Practical, Foolproof Guide to #1 and #2

Another excellent beginner guide on toilet training your kitty, authored by Clifford Brooks. The book offers illustration-rich, practical and easy-to-follow instructions on how to successfully train your kitty to use the bathroom toilet to do its business. The book is 120-pages and available in both Kindle and Paperback editions.

Cat toilet training kit litter

As discussed above, you would need a biodegradable, flushable cat litter to use with your cat toilet training system. These types of litter are biodegradable, septic safe and non-clogging. Some of the best options to consider are (Flushing of any litter is prohibited in some states – especially California).

World’s Best Cat Litter Clumping Formula
World's Best Cat Litter, Clumping Litter Formula, 28-Pounds

High-quality clumping cat litter that is easy-scooping, flushable and septic-safe. Plus, it provides maximum odor control while minimizing dust and tracking. One of the best options to consider for cat toilet training kits. Also suitable for daily use and available in unscented and scented packs. Established brand with effective supply-line, so you would not see out of stock sign.

sWheat Scoop Fast-Clumping All-Natural Cat Litter
sWheat Scoop Regular Litter, 36 lb

High-quality, naturally lightweight clumping cat litter made of renewable wheat husk. Soft and quick absorbing with long-lasting odor control. Fully biodegradable and flushable. Available in four bag sizes.

Rufus & Coco Wee Kitty Clumping Corn Cat Litter
Rufus & Coco 8.8 lb Wee Kitty Clumping Corn Cat Litter

Award-winning, lightweight clumping cat litter made from biodegradable corn. Dust-free, mulchable and flushable. Also works well with an everyday kitty litter with superior 8-day odor control.

You may also need to add catnip or a litter attractant to the litter during initial training days. You can check out the popular, Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat Ultra Litter Attractant for this purpose.

Toilet Auto-Flush kits

To prevent odor build-up and safely dispose-off your kitty’s urine and feces, you may want to invest in a simple DIY auto-flush kit that can be used with your existing toilet system. While there are a lot of models, the following two are the most successful to use with pets. Please note that these kits only work with flapper and canister toilets and are not suitable for dual-flush, ballcock- valve, top-mount flush and pressure-assist toilets:

Techo Touchless Toilet Flush Kit
Techo Touchless Toilet Flush Kit with 8” Sensor Range, Adjustable Sensor Range and Flush Time, Automatic Motion Sensor Toilet Flush Kit Powered by Batteries

Budget toilet auto-flush kit equipped with a reliable 8″ sensor. The sensor range is easily adjustable along with the flush time – 1 to 6 seconds. Uses standard 4 AA batteries (one set included) and designed to last for over 200,000 flushes. Easy to install and setup within 30 minutes.

KOHLER K-1954-0 Touchless Toilet Flush Kit
KOHLER K-1954-0  Touchless Toilet Flush Kit

High-end, made in the US, auto-flush kit that works with most standard canister and flapper toilets. Powered by 4 AA batteries (included) that can last of over 25,000 uses. Backed by a one-year manufacturer warranty.

In addition to the auto-flush, you may have to get a stepping stool if your kitty has difficulty in getting over the toilet seat. Any toddler potty training stool should work, though the Squatty Potty Toilet Stool is our favorite, because of its space-saving design.

Toilet Seat Disinfectants

Poo-Pourri Before-You-Go Toilet Spray 2-Ounce Bottle, Original (PP-002)

If your Queen Mittens is going to share the toilet with you or anyone else in the family, you would need to keep the toilet seat clean and disinfected to prevent any communicable diseases or infections. You can use the standard Toilet Seat Wipes or a Poo-Pourri Toilet Spray to quickly disinfect the seat before human use.

Is toilet training right for me and my cat?

Setting aside the folklore and the “intelligent kitty” made famous by the movies, you should carefully evaluate the major pros and cons of toilet training before purchasing a cat toilet training kit.

The major benefits of toilet training your cat are:

  • You save considerably on the cat litter and litter box accessories. If you use the traditional litter box, you need to change the cat litter frequently. Similarly, you would need to invest in litter liners, litter mats, scoops and what not. Investing in cat litter and litter box accessories is a recurring cost and you can save hundreds of dollars per year, even if you still have to keep a cat litter box as a backup.
  • If your cat is toilet trained, you do not need to worry about sifting and scooping your litter daily. This is especially useful if you have litter dust allergies or simply hate the activity. (An alternative is to look at getting a self-cleaning cat litter box). This is also useful during vacations.
  • Toilet training your cat minimizes the issues with litter tracking and litter odor around the house.
  • While most litter and things like litter liners, disposable litter boxes etc. are biodegradable and eco-friendly, not having to deal with disposing-off such items is just more environment-friendly.

The major drawbacks and challenges associated with toilet training your cat are summarized below:

  • The cats have a natural instinct to dig, eliminate and cover their excretions, so toilet training means that they would not be able to go through this process. This may sometimes lead to a few behavioral issues.
  • Using a litter box allows you to inspect the excretion, detect any change in volume and habits and diagnose any potential medical ailments. You cannot accurately do this evaluation if your cat does its business in a toilet.
  • If you toilet train your kitty, you would have to ensure that at least one toilet is always accessible to it, the toilet seat is kept down and the lid open.
  • If you have multiple cats and you want to toilet train more than one, you will have to get a multi-cat training system or arrangements for an accessible toilet for at least two at one time. It is quite possible that your cat may not like sharing the same toilet with another feline.
  • Cats do not have opposable thumbs, so they cannot flush the toilet. You would have to do the honors yourself or get a reliable auto-flush system (like Techo or Kohler)
  • Slippery toilet seats can sometimes lead to the kitty falling into the toilet and getting stressed about future use. YouTube is filled with videos of cats falling into the toilet when trying to relieve themselves.
  • If your cat is going to share the toilet with humans, you would have to ensure that the seat remains clean and dry and there are no urine droplets around the rim to avoid transmission of any diseases from humans to pets and vice versa. You may also consider using the Poo-Pourri Toilet Spray to keep the toilet seat disinfected.

While the jury is still out on whether toilet training your kitty is a good idea or not, you must evaluate the proposition carefully and then decide on whether to toilet train your cat using a cat toilet training kit or not.

Improving the success rate of toilet training your cat

Toilet training your kitty is an involved activity that has a variable level of success ranging from 50% to 60% – meaning you have only 50% of chances of success; 60% with the recommended training aids.

Before we discuss some tips and tricks on improving your success rate, here are some common characteristics for the best feline candidates for toilet training:

  • Kittens that are at least 3 months old, preferably 6 months and have not been extensively litter box trained. Training a stubborn adult cat is going to be a little more difficult, though any litter trained cat can also be toilet trained.
  • Cats that are bold, confident and not afraid of challenges and mental stimulation. Anxious or nervous felines may be too skittish for toilet training.
  • Felines free from debilitating disorders such as arthritis, missing limbs etc. The general rule of thumb is that if your cat can get on a sofa, cat tree or bed easily, then it should not have any problem in getting on the toilet seat and balance itself.
  • In the case of adult felines, cats that did not have difficulty in learning litter box training and those that use them without frequent accidents are generally better equipped for handling the challenges of toilet training.

Keep the following tips and tricks in mind while toilet training your cats:

  • Be patient while toilet training your kitty and do not rush the process, even if you see incredible progress or no progress at all. Though many cat toilet training kits advertise that cats can be toilet trained within 8 weeks, it is actually around 10-12 weeks in most cases. There is a lot of feedback from cat owners on how they rushed the process and ended up having their kitty regress to the previous training stage.
  • Keep a tab on your feline’s elimination habits to ensure that it is not holding up doing its business just because of the new process.
  • Ensure that your cat is not doing its business in basins, sinks and tubs. This is often a sign of the kitty getting confused with the whole training process. You can leave some water in the tub to prevent accidents.
  • If the cat toilet training seat does not exactly fit your toilet seat (because of Oblong or round design, oversized seat etc.), you may have to improvise and use duct tape or similar things to fit the cat toilet training seat securely over the toilet seat.
  • Familiarize your kitty with the sound of the toilet flush. To do this flush the toilet a couple of times when it is not using the toilet and then progressively flush it as the cat is nearby on the counter or on the toilet. This will prevent any undue stress or anxiety while using an auto-flush system.
  • If you are concerned about hygiene, you can consider using a toddler potty trainer or a portable camping toilet instead of your bathroom toilet for toilet training and further use.
  • Keep a litter box handy near the toilet if you observe frequent accidents.

Following the above tips and tricks would considerably improve your chances of success with toilet training your kitty. You can also consult some of the recommended books on the subject for more information and tips and tricks.

It is worthwhile to mention that it is quite possible that your feline may not be able to pick up toilet training. So, just be ready to accept failure and move on. The whole exercise would definitely be an excellent learning experience.

Final thoughts on the best cat toilet training kits

One of the best ways to save some money on feline care is to toilet train your kitty and free yourself from the buying litter and the daily hassle of sifting and scooping through it. And the best way to toilet train is to use a cat toilet training kit. While the jury is still out on whether toilet training the cat is a positive proposition or not, it is definitely a hassle-free and economically viable exercise.

In this article, we looked at some of the best cat toilet training kits and systems available in the market. We also listed out the major considerations to keep in mind before deciding to toilet train your cat and shared some of the best training aids to improve your success rate with the toilet training exercise.

We hope that you found this article useful and it will help you in picking the best cat toilet training kit. Do let us know your feedback by commenting below. Until next time, have a playful time with your kitty!!