K-9 dog dryers review | High-quality dryers for drying or grooming your pet

As we saw in our article on the best dog dryers, a high-quality dog dryer can make this task of drying and grooming the pet a lot easier for you and your pooch (or kitty).  A good dog dryer can help you in grooming your pooch right at home and get the dust, grime, allergens, and other stuff off the pet’s body. But picking a reliable, efficient, and effective pet dryer is important.

In this article, we share our review of one such dog dryer – the professional-grade K-9 dog dryers. K-9 dryers have been one of the largest selling dog dryer brands in the US and therefore warranted a thorough evaluation.

We list the key specifications of all the best-selling K-9 dryer models – the K-9 II, K-9 III, Mini and Fluffer, and share our findings for each of the evaluation criteria. Read on!

Disclaimer: The review here is totally independent and is driven only by the actual quality of the product, and the preference of our canine expert’s dogs!

K-9 dog dryers list

The best K-9 dog dryer models available in the market are listed below:

K-9 III Dog Grooming Dryer4.0 HP, dual motor.
245 CFM, 2 speeds.
120-degrees F max, Unheated.
K-9 III Variable Speed Dog Dryer4.0 HP, dual motor.
245 CFM, 2 speeds.
120-degrees F max, Unheated.
K-9 Mini Dog Dryer2.0 HP motor.
114 CFM, 2 speeds.
95-degrees F max, Unheated.
K-9 Fluffer Dog Dryer2.0 HP motor.
20-120 CFM, Variable speeds.
95-degrees F max, Unheated.
K-9 II Dog Grooming Dryer4.0 HP, dual motor.
218 CFM, 2 speeds.
135-degrees F max, Unheated.
K-9 II Variable Speed Dog Dryer4.0 HP, dual motor.
20-218 CFM, Variable speeds.

K-9 dog dryer specifications

The key specifications of the K-9 dog dryers are listed below:

  • Building Material: Heavy-duty, 18-gauge powder-coated steel unit casing, ABS plastic nozzles, and accessories. Poly-vinyl stretchable hose with a metal inner coil. Rubberized feet.
  • Key Specifications:
Model Specifications Size & Weight
K-9 III Dog Grooming Dryer 4.0 HP, dual parallel motors.
245 CFM, 2 speeds.
120o F max, Unheated.
2098 W, 18 Amp.
17.0″ x 11.5″ x 16.5″, 25 lbs.
K-9 III Variable Speed Dog Dryer 4.0 HP, dual parallel motors.
20-245 CFM, Variable speeds.
120o F max, Unheated.
2098 W, 18 Amp.
17.0″ x 11.5″ x 16.5″, 25 lbs.
K-9 Mini Dog Dryer 2.0 HP single motor.
114 CFM, 2 speeds.
95o F max, Unheated.
1140 W, 9.5 Amp.
12″ x 8.5″ x 11″, 12 lbs.
K-9 Fluffer Dryer 2.0 HP single motor.
20-120 CFM, Variable speeds.
95o F max, Unheated.
1140 W, 9.5 Amp.
12″ x 8.5″ x 11″, 12 lbs.
K-9 II Dog Grooming Dryer 4.0 HP, dual inline motors.
218 CFM, 2 speeds.
135o F max, Unheated.
2040 W, 18 Amp.
20″ x 8.5″ x 11″, 20 lbs.
K-9 II Variable Speed Dog Dryer 4.0 HP, dual inline motors.
20-218 CFM, Variable speeds.
135o F max, Unheated.
2040 W, 18 Amp.
20″ x 8.5″ x 11″, 20 lbs.
  • Heating: Motor-warm air with temperature governed by the motor speed. No separate heating element or thermostat.
  • Noise Level: ≤ 70 decibels for K-9 II and K-9 III dryers. ≤ 50 decibels for K-9 Mini and Fluffer.
  • Power Source: 110/120 V. 6.0′-7.0′ power cord. CE/ETL-Safety certified.
  • Accessories included: 10 feet hose and two nozzles – flat blower tip and round blower tip nozzles.
  • Colors: K-9 II and K-9 III variable speed dryers are available in blue or purple color. All other dryers are available in over 10-12 colors including blue, green, pink, red, orange, etc.
  • Country of origin: Made in the US.
  • Warranty: 2-year warranty on the dryer against any manufacturing defects. Paid warranty extensions for one or two years are also available. Accessories and auxiliary parts have a 90-day warranty.
  • Price range: $$$ to $$$$ depending upon the model.
  • International Models: 220V, International CE and CSA certified models are also available for some K-9 dog dryer models.

K-9 dog dryers review

K-9 dog dryers are a type of force dryers. In simple terms, force dryers are the most popular types of dog dryers that rely on a powerful motor to generate a high-speed air blast (measured in Cubic Feet Per Minute or CFM) to dry or groom the pet.

Most force dryers produce an unheated or naturally motor-warm air and just rely on the high-velocity of the air draft to groom or dry the pet. Some force dryers do have a heating element for a hotter air, but you would rarely need it unless of course, you are a professional groomer or have a pet with a very thick coat.

To thoroughly review and evaluate the K-9 dog dryers, we primarily focused on the building material and quality, grooming and drying performance, size and weight, and the price/cost of ownership. Our findings are summarized below:

Material and quality

The manufacturing material and quality of the pet dryer is an important factor as it governs the efficiency of drying, durability, and lifespan of the dryer. And this is one area in which K-9 dryers score big.

The key building materials of the K-9 dog dryer parts are listed below:

  • The outer unit, casing, and handle: The outer casing of all the K-9 dog dryer models is made of heat and corrosion-resistant 18-gauge powder-coated steel. Though steel or other metal casing makes the dryer heavier, it makes the dryer sturdier and more durable enough to survive a few “accidental falls”. The casing has a heat-resistant paint coating to prevent the dryer body from overheating. We did experience the body getting noticeably warm after 30-40 minutes of continuous runs, but it was not unmanageable. All dryers have rubberized elastomer feet for better stability and lower noise even at high speeds.
  • Motor, joints, and internal parts: The K-9 dryers feature heavy-duty 2-stage Ametek motors with metal windings that tend to last longer than most other dog dryers. The motor joints and attachments are made of heat-resistant metal alloys and not cheap plastic.
  • Hose and Nozzles: The 10 feet dryer hose and nozzles are made of high-grade, BPA-free ABS poly-vinyl plasticized rubber with metal inner coil and corrosion protection coating. The hose of the dryers is elastic and extendable to 25-30% additional length. The nozzles are made of high-quality ABS plastic. In our evaluation, we tried stretching the dryer hose, and it easily extended to about 11-12 feet.
  • Power cord: All K-9 dryers come with a reliable, fire-retardant power cable that is at least 6 feet long. The dog dryers marketed in the US and Canada are designed for 110-120 V, 60 Hz operations, though 220 V international models are also available. All dryers have a CE/ETL-Safety certified operation, so you do not need to worry a whole lot about the power supply.

Overall K-9 dog dryers have a build quality that rivals some of the best professional-grade dryers in the market. That is why most groomers and pet owners report their dryers lasting for over 10-12 years, even with rigorous use.

Drying performance

The operation performance of the K9 dog dryers is one of their biggest selling points, and we tend to agree – these dog dryers do offer the best drying and grooming performance, especially if you have a thick-coat pet.

The drying and/or grooming capacity of such appliances are generally expressed in CFM (Cubic-feet-Pet-Minute: how much cubic feet of air a dryer can blast out per minute) or FPM (Feet-Pet-Minute) or even MS (Meter-Per-Second). FPM and MS measure the “air speed” while the CFM measures the “air flow” of the dryer. The more the CFM of a dryer, the quicker it will dry the pet.

The dual-motor K-9 II and K-9 III dryers are equipped with two powerful 2 HP motors that are capable of providing a maximum draft up to 218 or 245 CFM respectively. The single motor K-9 Mini and Fluffer have a maximum air flow of 114 and 120 CFM respectively.

The air draft flows through two outside filters for a cleaner air draft and is motor warm. These dryers do not come with a separate heating element or thermostat and the temperature is automatically controlled by the draft speed.

The dryers come in both two-speed stepped control models (K-9 II and K-III standard and K-9 Mini) as well as variable speed control models (K-9 II and K-9 III variable speed, Fluffer). Variable speed dryers provide seamless control over the air flow, though you would not need such control in most cases.

Coming to the differences between the operation of K-9 II and the third generation K-9 III dryers, there are only a handful of variations, in addition to the arrangement of the motors (inline vs parallel – both models utilize the same motors) and the availability of two temperature settings in the K-9 II dryers:

  • Since the K-9 II has a single tube, it produces a slightly higher discharge temperature for the air draft. The K-9 III produces a slightly higher airflow rate at a marginally lower discharge temperature due to the increased intake area.
  • The K-9 III dryer is easier to maintain as the motor brushes can be changed by simply remove the end caps on the dryer. The K-9 II requires disconnecting several wires and removing the power cord, outlet, switches, and one motor from the tube.

During our expert’s evaluation of the drying capabilities, K-9 dryers showed excellent performance. The dryer worked efficiently and dried even the thickest coated large canines in about 8-10 minutes, which is about 25-30% faster than the closest rival domestic pet dryer models. There was occasional spraying of water off the pet’s coat, but it didn’t create too much mess.

The dryer also has a 120V utility outlet for clippers, which is a big plus if you are an expert groomer.

Overall, the K-9 dryers offer excellent drying and grooming performance, especially for multi-pet homes and pet owners with heavy coat pets.

Noise levels

Because of the higher airflow draft, the K9 force dryers are a tad louder (by about 8-10 decibels on maximum speed) than most other domestic dryers. The dual-motor K9 II and K9 III dryers have a maximum noise level of around 70 decibels, while the single motor K-9 Mini and Fluffer models have a maximum noise level of around 50 decibels.

Considering it can dry long-hair pets quicker, by about 25-50%, this additional noise level should not be a major deal-breaker, unless, of course, you have a nervous dog that hates such noises.

The dryers do come with a special air filter that also acts as a noise-assimilation sponge to reduce the noise level when in use.

The K-9 dryers come with two nozzles that can fulfill most grooming needs – a flat-tip nozzle and a round tip nozzle. Additional nozzles and accessories are directly available from the manufacturer’s website.

Size and weight

The size and weight of the dryer is also something you would need to take into consideration before picking the best pet dryer for your needs.

We have listed the sizing information of the most popular K-9 dog dryer models in the product specifications section that you can refer to before picking the most suitable option.

  • Size and weight of the whole unit: Since K-9 dog dryers have a metal casing, they are heavier than the ABS plastic dog dryers. The single motor K-9 Mini and Fluffer models are lighter at 12 lbs. while the dual motor K-9 II and K-9 III dryers weigh in the range of 20 to 25 lbs.
  • Size of the dryer hose: The K-9 dog dryers have a generously-sized 2.5″, 10-feet hose, and can be stretched a little if required.
  • Length of the power cord: All K-9 dog dryers come with a 6 -7 feet power cord.

Color and looks

The color combinations and design patterns in which a dryer is available is also something you might want to look at, though it would not affect the functioning of the dryer.

We are happy to report that most K-9 dog dryer models are available in over 10-12 color combinations which include pink, green, blue, purple, orange, and red. Only the variable speed K-9 III and K-9 II dryers come in standard blue or purple color combinations.

Warranty and support

Warranty and support is another strong selling point for the K-9 dog dryers.

All of the K-9 dog dryers are backed by the 100% unconditional satisfaction guaranteed commitment and hassle-free returns for 90-days on the dryers and accessories.

The dryers by themselves carry a warranty of two years against manufacturing defects. And the best part is that you get the option of extending the warranty by one or two years by paying a nominal amount. Just make sure, you make the purchase directly from the K-9 store.

If you’re not 100% satisfied with the product, you can contact their friendly customer service for an exchange or refund – a big testament to the quality of these products. They also offer excellent repair services at market prices.


We are going to be honest here – K-9 dog dryers are not the cheapest options in the market, and there are many cheaper dog dryers available, especially for domestic use.

Still, in our opinion, they are competitively priced for the US-based construction quality, performance, and lifetime of service they offer.

And if you time your purchase perfectly, you can get a discount on your purchase. Just keep checking the manufacturer website or reach out to the customer support.

The Verdict

Based on our evaluation and review of the product specifications and the in-use performance feedback by our experts, we found the K-9 dog dryers as excellent, all-purpose pet dryers for professional as well as household use.

You can use your K-9 dog dryers for:

  • Drying and grooming your dog, cat, or any other pets.
  • Detailing or drying a vehicle like a motorcycle, bike, car, boat, or truck.
  • Blowing off the dust from the surfaces (and even people).
  • Blasting off the air through choked plumbing lines, gutters, or sewers.

To summarize, the key pros and cons of the K-9 dog dryers that we observed are:

  • Professional-grade, high-velocity pet dryer with a heavy-duty, 18-gauge steel construction. Made in the US by the worldwide leader in dryer and vacuum technology.
  • Feature high-quality and powerful motors – 4 HP inline dual-motors in K-9 II and III dryers and a single 2 HP motor in K-9 Mini and Fluffer dryers. Irrespective of the models, the motor can work without overheating for over an hour of use.
  • Produce safe, motor-warm air draft. The improved third-generation design in K-9 III dog dryers offers a higher airflow rate, quieter operation, and quicker drying.
  • Versatile and multi-purpose use for drying off pets and vehicles and dusting surfaces.
  • Come with a hose with airflow control, two external filters, and two nozzles. Suitable for all dog breeds, especially medium and large thick-coated animals.
  • Available in over twelve color combinations and backed by a two-year warranty against manufacturing defects. Warranty extensions and repair services also available directly through the manufacturer.
  • Cons
  • Though known to dry pets quicker than most other dryers, these dryers are louder than most other force dryers by 5-8 dB.
  • There is no heating element or thermostat to control the air draft temperature. The temperature control is governed by the draft speed.
  • Costlier than many other dog dryers, but you get what you pay for.

How to use a K-9 dog dryer to dry or groom your pet

Before you use a dryer with the dog, you need to desensitize the pet to its presence. To do this leave the turned-off dryer in a comfortable place and let him/her smell the dryer and get comfortable with its presence.

Once the canine is familiar with the appliance after a couple of encounters, turn-on the dryer away from the pet and let him/her get familiar with the sound. Start with the lowest speeds and then go progressively up.

To use the dryer, keep the following things in mind.

  • Set up the dryer outdoors: Always set the dryer in an open space and avoid small and enclosed spaces where the noise of the dryer can get amplified. This will also ensure that your canine’s hair would not end up all around the house.
  • Start the dryer: Once you have set up the dryer properly, you can turn it on. Keep the dryer unit and motor turned away from your dog to reduce the noise levels. Start on the lowest setting and then progressively increase the speed and heat levels if required. A good way to ascertain the right speed and temperature is to blow the air on yourself and see how it feels. If the blowing air feels too hot or too fast, it will be too hot or too fast for the pooch.
  • Dry the pet: Keep the drying hose and nozzle attachment at a safe distance from the dog’s fur – about 8 – 10 inches away and move it around the dog’s body. Never point the dryer nozzle directly at the dog’s face, ears, and other areas with a thin skin cover. Start by drying the top coat and then move onto the undercoat to dry the skin. This is important to help avoid future skin issues. Keep brushing the dog as you dry him/her to avoid tangling of hairs.
  • Pamper the pet: To ensure that the dog does not get dehydrated or overheated, keep some water accessible to the pet and encourage him/her to drink. Adding treats and lickable peanut butter to the mix can make things more rewarding for the pet. And if you notice any signs of distress, stop in the middle and check the pooch before resuming.

Following the above steps will help in creating a comfortable environment for your pooch. For some more tips and tricks, check the following professional grooming video:

Final Thoughts on the K-9 dog dryers

Keeping your beloved pet cool, comfortable, and clean, especially during the summers is not always an easy task. Most experts recommend that you bath your dog at least once in 30-45 days.

If you are one of the lucky ones, your dog would love taking a bath or a dip in the pool or pond. But it is important to dry the pet quickly after such an exercise. After all, nobody likes a “wet dog smell” and your doggo is not always going to be patient to let you use a towel. A dog dryer is a useful appliance for this purpose.

In this article, we reviewed the best-selling, high-quality K-9 dog dryers. We shared the key specifications and our findings on the most important evaluation criteria.

Overall, we found the K-9 dog dryers as one of the best professional-grade dog dryers available in the market. These dryers are especially suited if you have multiple pets or a single medium to large thick/heavy coated canine.

For any more questions or queries, feel free to share them through the comment section below and we would be happy to answer them. And if you are looking for additional dog tie-outs options, you can check out our article on the best dog dryers.

Image credits: K-9dryers.com