Frisco dog tie-outs review – Affordable and reliable tethering solutions

As we saw in our article on the best dog tie-outs, a high-quality tethering system with a tie-out cable and stake is an effective mechanism to keep your canine safe and restricted to the boundaries of your backyard.

But picking a durable, reliable, and safe dog tie-out cable and stake combination is important.

Frisco, Chewy’s in-house brand, offers a wide range of dog tie-out cables and stakes that we had the chance to evaluate. In this article, we share our review of these pet restraining products.

We list the key specifications of both the Frisco dog tie-outs and stakes and share our findings for each of the evaluation criteria. Read on!

Disclaimer: The review here is totally independent and is driven only by the actual quality of the product, and the preference of our canine expert’s dogs!

Frisco dog tie-outs list

The best Frisco dog tie-out cables and stake models available in the market are listed below:
Frisco Tie Out Cable - X-Large15, 20, or 30 feet cable.
For dogs up to 200 lbs.
Frisco Tie Out Cable - Large15, 20, or 30 feet cable.
For dogs up to 100 lbs.
Frisco Tie Out Cable - Medium15 or 20 feet cable.
For dogs up to 50 lbs.
Frisco Tie Out Cable - Small10 or 15 feet cable.
For dogs up to 25 lbs.
Frisco Easy Grip Stake18” spiral stake.
For dogs up to 100 lbs.
Frisco Dome StakeL: 20” dome stake
For dogs up to 100 lbs.
XL: 24” dome stake
For dogs up to 200 lbs.
Frisco Easy Grip Stake with Tie Out Cable15 or 30 feet cable and stake combo.
For dogs up to 100 lbs.

Frisco dog tie-out cables specifications

Frisco Dog Tie-Outs

The key specifications of the Frisco dog tie-out cables are listed below:

  • Building Material: Galvanized steel cable with a weather-proof vinyl sheath. Chrome-plated steel swivel clips.
  • Sizes:
Color Size Capacity
Blue Small (S)
10 or 15 feet.
For pets up to 25 lbs. such as Dachshund, Basset, Pugs. Also suitable for puppies.
Orange Medium (M)
15 or 20 feet.
For pets up to 50 lbs. such as Bulldog, English Springer, and Spaniels. Also suitable for puppies.
Green Large (L)
15, 20, or 30 feet.
For pets up to 50 lbs. such as Labrador, Boxer, and Collie.
Silver X-Large (XL)
15, 20, or 30 feet.
For pets up to 200 lbs. such as Rottweiler, Doberman, Great Dane and Pitbull.
  • Country of origin: Designed in the US. Made in China under strict quality control measures.
  • Warranty: 100% satisfaction guaranteed commitment for at least six months. Hassle-free returns for the first month.
  • Price range: $ to $$ depending upon the size and length.

Frisco dog tie-out stakes specifications

Frisco Dog Tie-Out Stakes

The key specifications of the Frisco dog tie-out stakes are listed below:

  • Building Material: The spiral stake is made of chrome-plated steel, while the dome stake is made of powder-coated galvanized steel with rust-resistant paint coating.
  • Sizes:
    • Spiral stake: 18” long spiral stake for dogs up to 100 lbs.
    • Dome Stake – Large: 20” long dome stake for dogs up to 100 lbs.
    • Dome Stake – XLarge: 24” long dome stake for dogs up to 200 lbs.
  • Country of origin: Designed in the US. Made in China under strict quality control measures.
  • Warranty: 100% satisfaction guaranteed commitment for at least six months. Hassle-free returns for the first month.
  • Price range: $.

Frisco dog tie-outs review

To thoroughly review and evaluate the Frisco dog tie-outs, we primarily focused on the building material and quality, size, and weight and the price/cost of ownership of both the dog tie-out cable and the dog tie-out stake. Our findings are summarized below:

Material and quality

The building material of the tie-out cable, stakes, and any associated hardware is an important factor as it governs the durability, reliability, and weather protection provided by the restraining systems.

Frisco Dog Tie-out Cables: Like the best dog tie-out cables available in the market,  the Frisco dog tie-out cables feature a solid galvanized steel cable with a weather-proof vinyl sheath to provide rust and weather-protection. The snap-locks are also made of steel and have a 360-degree swivel to allow free movement of the cable. The diameter of the cable governs the tensile strength of the cable – thicker the cable, more the load/pull it can handle.

Frisco Dog Tie-out Stakes: The Frisco tie-out stakes are made of a single-piece high-quality chrome-plated (spiral stakes) with ABS plastic handle or powder-coated galvanized steel (dome stake). The dome-type stakes also have a coating of rust-resistant paint for additional protection. These stakes also have metal wings half-way through the stake to provide additional stability and to accommodate different types of soil.

All the stakes have swivel metal loops or rings to attach the tie-out cable and provide 360-degree movement.

Size and weight

The size of the dog tie-out cable and stakes is probably the most important factors to consider before picking the best dog tie-out solution for your pet.

An inappropriately sized dog tie-out setup can be uncomfortable to the canine and may not be reliable.

As listed above in the specifications section, the Frisco dog tie-out cables are available in four color-coded sizes, suitable for dogs from 25 – 200 lbs.

These cables are available in lengths ranging from 10 to 30 feet.  A longer cable gives a bigger playground to the pet to rest, feed, play, and even do its business.

Just remember longer the cable, heavier it would be.  A cable that is too heavy may be extremely uncomfortable for the pet. Therefore, it is important to pick the cable of the right size and length.

Frisco offers both corkscrew/spiral and dome type of stakes to anchor the tie-outs.

Spiral stakes are available in a length of 18” and most suitable for small to medium pets. The oversized grippy handle provides tool-free anchoring in most soil surfaces.

Dome stakes are more heavy-duty and work well for even rocky or hard soil. They are available in anchoring lengths of 20” and 24” to accommodate large and extra-large pets and different types of soil. To properly anchor and secure the stake, you might have to use a mallet or hammer.

Warranty and support

Warranty and support is another strong selling point for Frisco dog tie-outs and Frisco pet products in general.

All of the Frisco dog tie-outs are backed by the Chewy 100% unconditional satisfaction guaranteed commitment for a period of at least six months and up to a year.

If you’re not 100% satisfied with the product, you can contact their friendly customer service for an exchange or refund – a big testament to the quality of these products.


One of the biggest selling points of Frisco dog tie-outs (both cable and stakes) is their affordable price. In fact, most pet owners list this as one of the most attractive factors for opting for these dog restraining products.

Like other Frisco Pet Products, the Frisco dog tie-outs are very competitively priced for the quality they offer and about 15-20% cheaper than similar options in the market and offer a great quality-to-cost ratio.

And if you time your purchase perfectly, you can get even more discount on their already low prices (Check the ChewyDeals Reddit Forum for a curated list of the best pet product deals).

The Verdict

Based on our evaluation and review of the product specifications and the utility and in-use performance, we believe that Frisco dog tie-outs are an ideal, value-for-money dog restraining systems for almost all dog breeds.

These dog-tie outs are well-built, reasonably reliable, and provide a safe and secure tethering of pets of all ages and sizes.

  • Value-for-money and durable dog restraining solutions made of high-quality materials.
  • Available in a variety of weight ratings and sizes and suitable for all dogs weighing from 25 lbs. sup to 200 lbs. Cables are available in lengths of 10 – 30 feet.
  • Versatile and rich in features. Suitable for everyday use in an unfenced backyard as well as camping.
  • Backed by 100% satisfaction guaranteed commitment for six-month to one-year and a dedicated customer support service.
  • Competitively priced and offer an excellent quality-to-cost ratio.
  • Some buyers have reported that the swivel clips of the cables and stake rings rust unexpectedly.

Things to remember while using dog tie-outs and stakes for tethering

Irrespective of whether you are using a stake dog tie-out or a trolley dog tie-out system, tethering is something that requires careful and proper implementation. Unsafe tethering can lead to behavioral issues and injuries in pets, even death.

While discussing each aspect of using dog tie-outs is beyond the scope of this article, here are some basic tips and tricks to follow while restraining your dog using tie-outs:

  • Do not rely on tethering as the primary medium of confinement. Look for alternatives such as physical fencing or using a wireless dog fence. Similarly, during outdoor excursions, if your pet is comfortable sharing space with you, you can instead keep it in your tent during nights.
  • Avoid restraining your dog with tie-outs for a very long time and never leave them completely unattended. Keep an eye on the pet and use visual and audio cues to determine the comfort level of the pet when restrained. Avoid overnight tethering.
  • Always pick a dog tie-out with appropriate thickness and weight-rating. Even though your tie-out cable may be advertised to withstand over 100 lbs. parts such as stakes, swivel locks, pulleys, etc. can fail, causing the dog to escape from the restrainer.
  • Ensure that you pick a dog tie-out cable that is long enough for the dog to have space to walk around, eat, and also do its business. We recommend to never tether your pet with a cable that is less than 10 feet. A 15-30 feet long cable is the best option.
  • If you have a choice, prefer using a harness instead of a collar with the tie-out. Some dogs hate the constant neck-tug and a harness provides more comfort and control to the pet.
  • If your pet is going to be tied down for an extended period, make sure it has easy access to food, water, bed, and shade for resting.
  • Train your dog beforehand to be restrained with a tie-out cable. It should not get over-excited with the sounds of nature and hurt itself while chasing some critters.
  • Make sure that only an adult person gets the dogs restrained, as some dogs may nip back because of the stress of getting tethered.
  • Avoid using tethering if you are in an area that has animals like coyotes, mountain lions, and bears, which can attack a restrained dog. The best course of action is to avoid taking the canine altogether in such areas.
  • If you have multiple dogs to tether, keep the “personal equation” between the pets before deciding if they can be allowed to use the same dog tie-out stake, or have separate stakes. The tethering cable should not become a source of tug-war between the pets.

Keeping these major things in mind would ensure safe restraining of canines and make things easy and comfortable for you and your Fido.

Final Thoughts on the Frisco dog tie-outs

If you are in the market for some kind of restraining solution for your pooch and physical dog fences or modern-day wireless dog fences are not an option for you, then a high-quality dog tie-out solution with the cable and stake may be a suitable choice.

In this article, we presented our review of one of the most popular and affordable dog tethering solutions available in the market –  the Frisco dog tie-outs. We discussed the key specifications and different options for both dog tie-out cables and stakes and shared our findings.

Overall, we found the Frisco dog tie-outs as a decent, value-for-money product. So, if you are looking for a decent-quality dog tie-out solution for your dog (or dogs) and do not want to spend a fortune, then you definitely consider the Frisco dog tie-out cable and/or stake as one of your options.

For any more questions or comments, feel free to share them through the comment section below and we would be happy to answer them. And if you are looking for additional dog tie-outs options, you can check out our article on the best dog tie-outs.