Frisco Dog Crates – Quality dog crates for everyday use and travel

As we saw in our article on the best dog crates, these crates cater well to the natural instincts of dogs and are particularly useful for housebreaking, home-alone pets, and traveling. They can help in providing a safe, secluded, and comfortable habitat to canines and also help in handling many behavioral issues.

But picking the right dog crate is important – you need a dog crate that is durable, rightly-sized, and does not cost a fortune. Well, Frisco Dog Crates by Chewy are exactly such type of options worth checking out. Frisco offers different types of dog crates for different purposes and needs – wire dog crates, heavy-duty metal dog crates, plastic dog crates, and soft-sided dog crates.

In this article, we will review the Frisco dog crates and share our findings on Chewy’s line of pet containment products. We will list some of the most popular models of these crates available on Read On!

Disclaimer: The review here is totally independent and is driven only by the actual quality of the product and the bias of our expert’s beloved canine!

Frisco Dog Crates List

Some of the most popular Frisco dog crate models available on are listed below:
Frisco Fold & Carry Double Door Wire Dog CrateXS: 22" x 13" x 15.5".
S: 24" x 18" x 19.25".
M: 30" x 19" x 21".
L: 36" x 23" x 25".
XL: 42" x 28" x 30".
XXL: 48" x 30" x 32.5".
Frisco Fold & Carry Single Door Small Wire Dog Crate24" x 18" x 19.25".
Frisco Ultimate Heavy Duty Steel Metal Dog CrateM: 37" x 25.2" x 33.86".
L: 42.1" x 30.7" x 40.94".
Frisco Plastic Dog CrateXS: 19.4" x 12.3" x 10.8".
S: 24.1" x 16.7" x 14.5".
M: 28" x 20.5" x 21.5".
I: 32.3" x 23.2" x 22.4".
L: 36" x 25" x 27".
XL: 40" x 27" x 30".
Frisco Indoor & Outdoor Soft Dog CrateS: 21" x 15" x 15".
M: 26" x 21" x 21".
L: 30" x 21" x 21".
XL: 36" x 24" x 24".
XXL: 42" x 30.5" x 31".

Frisco Dog Crates Specifications

The key specifications of the Frisco dog crates are listed below:

  • Building Material:
    • Wire dog crates: Stainless-steel-wire frame with a rust-resistant, satin-black electro-coat finish. Plastic crate pans.
    • Metal dog crates: Heavy-duty metal dog cage with a 22-gauge steel frame and 0.5″ steel slats with multi-layer, rust-resistant hammer-tone coating. Stainless-steel door latch and rivets.
    • Plastic dog crates: BPA-free, 95% pre-consumer recycled ABS plastic body with a coated steel wire door. Plastic snap-shut latches or wing nuts and bolts as fasteners.
    • Soft dog crates: Water-resistant canvas fabric mounted on a tubular steel frame. Additional reinforcements on the corners for durability. Nylon mesh windows and three zipper doors.
  • Sizes: Wire dog crates are available in sizes ranging from 22″ up to 54″. Plastic dog crates are available in sizes ranging from 19″ up to 40″. Metal dog crates are available in two sizes – 25″ and 30″. Soft dog crates are available in sizes ranging from 21″ up to 42″.
  • Suitable for: Check sizing chart before ordering.
    • Wire dog crates: For dogs weighing up to 110 lbs.
    • Metal dog crates: For dogs weighing up to 110 lbs.
    • Plastic dog crates: For cats and dogs weighing up to 90 lbs.
    • Soft dog crates: For dogs weighing up to 85 lbs.
  • Assembly: Plastic, soft, and wire crates come semi-assembled and provide tool-free assembly. The heavy-duty metal crate comes disassembled and may need some basic tools and up to two people to assemble properly.
  • Style and colors: Wire and metal dog crates are available in standard silver or silver-grey metal finish (small size wire crates are also available in Pink and Blue). Plastic crates come in Blue, Grey or Almond-White color combination. Soft dog crates are available in Dark Grey or Khaki Green color combination.
  • Country of origin: Designed in the US. Made in China under strict quality control measures.
  • Warranty: Chewy 100% Unconditional Satisfaction Guaranteed commitment and warranty for one year.
  • Price range: $ to $$ depending upon the size and design.

Primary purpose and the type of dog crate to opt for

Before we share a detailed review of the different types of Frisco dog crates, let us briefly discuss the type of dog crate you should opt for.

You would need to think about the primary purpose for which you are looking for such a pet containment solution.

If you are looking for a dog crate specifically for everyday use, then wire or heavy-duty metal dog crates are the best options.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a dog crate for travel, then plastic or soft-sided dog crates are the best options to look for. Plastic dog crates are also suitable for air travel, where approved models can be used to restrain the pet in the cargo hold.

Frisco plastic dog kennel crates are approved for airline travel, but it is important to always check with your airline to make sure you understand their guidelines for flying with pets

Similarly, if you have a pet who exhibits separation anxiety then a plastic dog crate would be more suitable than a wire dog crate, because of a more secluded design.

Frisco Dog Crates Review

To thoroughly review and evaluate the Frisco dog crates, we primarily focused on the building material and quality, design features, size, ease of maintenance and the price/cost of ownership. Our findings are summarized below:

Building material and quality

Frisco Dog Crates have a decent build quality for the price they are offered at.

As listed in the specifications, Frisco dog crates are made of the following materials:

  • Wire dog crates: Stainless-steel-wire frame with a rust-resistant, satin-black, electro-coat finish. The rivets, door hinges, and latch locks are made of stainless steel, while the crate pan is made of leak-proof poly-plastic.
  • Metal dog crates: Heavy-duty metal dog cage with a 22-gauge steel frame and 0.5″ steel slats with multi-layer, rust-resistant hammer-tone coating and additional powder-coated welding at all stress points. Stainless-steel door latch and rivets. Rotating, steel-coated lockable caster wheels and slide-out metal tray.
  • Plastic dog crates: BPA-free, eco-friendly, 95% pre-consumer recycled ABS plastic body with a coated steel wire door. Plastic snap-shut latches or wing nuts and bolts as fasteners. Small crates come with a foldable handle while larger-sized crates include side grooves for portability.
  • Soft dog crates: Water-resistant Oxford canvas fabric mounted on a tubular steel frame. Additional reinforcements on the corners for durability. Nylon mesh windows and three zipper doors with locking clips and full-sized rolling strap covers.

All dog crates come in knock-down state and include the required hardware, accessories and installation instructions to help you assemble the crate for use.

So unless you are looking for a totally escape-proof or stackable dog crate, you will find the Frisco Dog Crates suitable for most of your pet’s containment and crating needs.

Design features

When it comes to the design features, Frisco Dog Crates are second to none in the market.

Each dog crate is expertly designed here in the US by experts who know more than a few things about the primary needs of the canines these pet containment products can fulfill.

While the actual number of amenities may vary on the size of the crates, these crates have the following key features:

  • Frisco wire dog crates offer convenient fold and carry suitcase-style design with one or two large doors. All doors have L-shaped, slide-bolt safety latches – one in case of small crates and two for large models. All these crates come with a removable and washable plastic waste pan. Large models also come with divider panels to adjust the crate size as the pet grows.
  • Frisco metal dog crates have one of the best-in-class 22-gauge steel construction with 0.5″ steel tubes (2.125″ apart on the frame and 0.5″ apart on the floor). The crate has a single door with dual latch locks for additional safety. The crate floor is grated with a removable, slide-out metal tray underneath for easy cleanup. The crate comes with four, lockable caster wheels for convenient movement.
  • Frisco plastic dog crates come in two halves that can be securely locked with included plastic latches (for small models) or metal wingnuts and bolts (for large models). The crate has wire mesh door with spring-loaded latch and multiple ventilation holes along the sides and back for air circulation. The crate floor has a moat to keep the surface dry in case of accidents. Small kennels come with a foldable handle while large models include side grooves for easy, two-person lifting. The crates are airline approved (but check before traveling).
  • Frisco soft dog crates offer a lightweight design and easy-fold construction with a sturdy stainless-steel frame and water-resistant base. Corners of the crate are rounded and reinforced for durability. The crates have three zippered doors with locking clips for added security. Moreover, the doors have strap covers to roll-up or roll-down as needed.

So, as you can see, Frisco dog crates offer the best-in-the-market design features (except for not being 90-100% escape-proof), making them excellent dog kennel choices for everyday use or travel.

Size and weight

It is important that you pick the dog crate of the right size.

Thankfully Frisco dog crates are available in multiple sizes, so you can pick one as per your dog’s breed, measured size, and weight. Frisco provides its own sizing charts for each type of crate to help you pick the best dog crate size, like the one below.

In order to pick the right size of crate, you would need to measure the length and height of your pet. Based on your pet’s length and height, you would need to add 4-6 inches of additional space to give enough wriggle room to the pet.

Frisco Wire Dog Crate Sizing Chart
Frisco Wire Dog Crate Sizing Chart (Source:

Also remember that the interior dimensions of the crate would be at least a couple of inches less than the advertised exterior dimensions.

Make sure to measure up your pet and pick the crate of the most appropriate size. When in doubt, pick a crate that is one size up.

Care and maintenance

You would need to clean the dog crate from time to time to prevent any soiling or odor build-up due to an “accident”. So, you need a dog crate that is easy to disassemble, clean, and reassemble.

While almost all the Frisco dog crate options we listed are easy to assemble and disassemble with a little skill, some models do offer a more convenient tool-free assembly – specifically the plastic dog crates and soft dog crates. Assembling or disassembling the Frisco metal dog crate may be slightly more difficult and involved, but still manageable.

Wire and metal dog crates also come with the removable plastic crate pan that you can take out and clean in running water, preferably once in two weeks or so.

You can spray clean the crate with a mild, non-toxic cleaner and water. For soft dog crates, you can even remove the cover and machine wash in gentle cycle.

In addition to cleaning, it would be a good idea to examine the crate frame from time-to-time and tighten the nuts-and-bolts and screws to ensure that the crate frame is intact, and the reinforcements are not loosening up.


One of the biggest selling points of Frisco dog crates is their affordable price. Pet owners after owners list this as one of the most attractive factors for opting for these kennels.

Like other Frisco pet products, most of the Frisco dog crates are very competitively priced for the quality they offer and about 15-20% cheaper than similar options in the market and offer a great quality-to-cost ratio.

Only the Frisco heavy-duty metal dog crates can be considered in the same or slightly higher price range.

And if you time your purchase perfectly, you can get even more discount on their already low prices (Check the ChewyDeals Reddit Forum for a curated list of the best pet product deals).

Warranty and support

Warranty and support is another strong selling point for Frisco dog crates and Frisco pet products in general.

All of the Frisco dog crates are backed by the Chewy 100% unconditional satisfaction guaranteed commitment for a period of one year. If you’re not 100% satisfied with the product, you can contact their friendly customer service for an exchange or refund.

Moreover, Chewy offers a wide selection of accessories and replacement parts that are compatible with their crates, making Frisco dog crates a convenient product to own.

The Verdict

Based on our expert’s evaluation and review of the product specifications and the in-use performance, we believe that Frisco dog crates are a decent, value-for-money dog crate option for most mild-mannered small to large pet canines.

These dog crates are reasonably durable and rich in amenities to provide secure and comfortable containment to the pet.

To summarize, the major positives and negatives of the Frisco dog crates that we observed are listed below:

  • Value-for-money and durable dog containment crates made of high-quality materials.
  • Versatile and rich in features and amenities such as multiple doors, ventilated interiors, and secure locks. Suitable for everyday use as well as containment dens during outstation visits.
  • Available in a variety of sizes and single/double door designs, suitable for all dogs weighing up to 80-110 lbs.
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble and come with required hardware and components as well as instruction manuals for installation.
  • Offer convenient cleanup and maintenance. The manufacturer also offers replacements parts such as crate pans and accessories such as crate beds.
  • Backed by 100% satisfaction guaranteed commitment for one year and a dedicated customer support service.
  • Competitively priced and offer an excellent quality-to-cost ratio.
  • Not escape-proof as a determined dog can open the single/twin door latches. Similarly, plastic and soft dog crates do not have a chew-proof surface or hinges.
  • None of the dog crates, including the metal dog crates, are available in sizes suitable for extra-large dogs weighing over 110 lbs.
  • Like most standard dog crates, these crates are non-stackable. Moreover, they have not been crash-tested to be used in trucks, etc. for transporting pets.

Accessories for Frisco Dog Crates

Dog Bed Kennel Pad Washable Anti-Slip Crate Mat for Medium Dogs and Cats (30-inch)

Frisco does offer a variety of accessories to go with their dog crates. This includes replacement crate trays (in matching colors) as well as crate beds and food/water bowls.

Some of the necessary dog crate accessories that you can consider for these crates are listed below:

  • Frisco Quilted Fleece Pet Bed & Crate Mat: A perfect quilted fleece bed made with ultra-soft Sherpa material having a polyester fiber bolster foam pad on the bottom for extra cushioning. Easy to clean and machine washable and dryer-safe. Comes in standard Ivory color and available in a variety of sizes suitable for dog crates ranging from 18″ up to 54″.
  • Frisco Ortho Quilted Memory Foam Lounger Pet Bed: A mid-range orthopedic dog bed with a quilted faux velvet material outer cover and memory foam cushion that provides maximum support by conforming to the pet’s body shape. The outer cover is machine washable. Comes in two colors – blue and beige and available in a variety of sizes suitable for dog crates ranging from 18″ up to 48″.
  • Frisco Stainless Steel Kennel Bowl: Sturdy and durable stainless-steel pet bowl with a high-quality polished finish to provide a non-porous bacteria-free surface. Features built-in hooks to hang it on a crate or kennel. Dishwasher-safe and available in three sizes, suitable for all dog breeds.

Final Thoughts on the Frisco Dog Crates

Crate training is an excellent way to provide a secure and secluded personal space to the canine and also handle certain behavioral issues in pets such as unwarranted aggression and separation anxiety. The market is inundated with different types and models of dog crates, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. So picking the right dog crate for your pooch can sometimes be a challenge.

In this article, we reviewed one of the most popular mid-range dog crates in the market – the Frisco dog crates. Frisco is Chewy’s in-house brand which offers high-quality pet products at affordable prices. And the Frisco line of Dog Crates is no different. Frisco dog crates are available in different models, including wire dog crates, metal dog crates, plastic dog crates, and even portable, soft dog crates. These types of crates are available in multiple sizes, designs and color combinations, and suitable for almost all canine breeds.

So, if you are looking for a high-quality dog crate for your pet (or pets) which do not cost a fortune, then you definitely consider one of the Frisco dog crates as an option.

For any more questions or comments, feel free to share them through the comment section below and we would be happy to answer them. Until next time, happy crate training your pet!

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