Yay or Nay: Should Every Pet Owner Consider Pet Insurance?

Most pet owners cannot comprehend some intricacies behind owning a pet. While most of them provide meals on time and provide undivided care and attention, there is a lot more to actually provide for your pet. One of the most significant ways to value your pet’s life, and by association, the quality of it is through pet insurance.

The issue with pet insurance is that owners are usually unaware of it. As is the case with the pet parent’s medical insurance, a significant section of the general populace does not deem pet insurance necessary. But here is the thing – consider the following cases and ask yourself—pet insurance, yay or nay?

Encroachment, or Lack Thereof

Consider a scenario where your pet falls ill, and you are short on funds. Considering how expensive healthcare can be, do you ask the common folk around for monetary aid? Do you start selling your stuff at home to meet these monetary means? Or even worse—do you start digging into your own savings accounts?

Sure, while you might not be suffering from desperation-inducing poverty, you must always know how to manage your money smartly. Using up your funding and resources in a scenario that could have easily been avoided by just a few smart investments seems rather asinine.

This becomes particularly relevant if your pet has pre-existing conditions. Be it congenital anomalies or hereditary issues, the most efficient way to manage these medical costs is through pet insurance. Pre-existing conditions can easily lead to the piling up of medical bills and heavy checks, and you best believe that you would not want that to be dealt with by personal funds.

Ask yourself. Do you think it is worth dipping into personal funds for something that can be prevented by compartmentalizing money into pet insurance? Is pet insurance a yay or a nay?

Peace of Mind, Sense of Responsibility

Moving on to the abstracts and semantics rather than the pragmatics. There is no denying that a great sense of tranquillity is associated with the idea of having your pet insured. After all, at the back of your mind, you know that if misfortune befalls, you have the means to get it covered. This peace of mind, perhaps, cannot be quantified.

More importantly, it gives you a sense of responsibility. Take an analogy to understand this. Raising a child in the right manner does not necessarily mean only feeding them and caring for them. It is the extra responsibilities that count.

For instance, you could give all the love to your child, but not providing them with a great education automatically paralyzes their options to survive amongst the cutthroat competition. Is this the right kind of raising, or does the ideal sense of raising pertain to factors that count? Factors like schooling, or in this case, insurance?

Having your pet insured makes you more responsible. It provides you a sense of duty towards the other being who, perhaps, cannot use words or vocabulary to express themselves. Providing your pet all the love and care (the best canine care guides and feline care guides can often play a significant role here). Providing them meals on time and providing ample exercise and stimulation through toys is great, but if you aren’t covering these aspects, you are perhaps not doing it right.

Make Your Choices

Having choices is enabling; having choices is empowering. One of the major drawbacks with your health insurance is that you are most likely not allowed to choose your healthcare options or the ones who would be treating you.

In cases of pet insurance, the issue is slightly different. More often than not, you are allowed to pick and choose what kind of medical care you would like to provide to your pet (as long as they are licensed). This is crucial in two particular cases and should suit your cause for getting pet insurance.

First, if you have a vet whom you are acquainted with, you can always choose to visit them. This is not only beneficial for you because there is an established acquaintance, but it is also crucial for your pet. After all, pets are more open to ones with whom familiarity has been established.

Second, if you happen to travel a lot (who doesn’t?), pet insurance comes in very handy. In cases where you are in a foreign land, and there might be discrepancies in monetary policy in the hospital, your insurance provider should take care of it. More importantly, relying on your insurance provider during outstation travels ensures that you don’t fall short of funds while traveling.

Is pet insurance still a nay?

The Bottomline—Yay or Nay?

As is evident from the rhetoric, there should be no questions regarding the importance of pet insurance. You can be as careful as you want, but there is no way to bypass what fate has in store for you. While pet insurance cannot eliminate risks per se, it certainly mitigates it. So yes, pet insurance is definitely a yay.

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