Top 10 gift ideas for cat owners

Cats love to be pampered and so do cat owners whose life revolves around the indifferent affection shown by their beloved feline companions. If you are a cat owner yourself or looking for some unique gift ideas for a cat owner, then it is an excellent idea to add a gift item for the feline companion to the collection.

In this article, on the lines of our article on the best gift items for dog owners, we share some of our favorite categories of gifts to consider for felines. We would also share some of the best options available in the market for each category. Read on make the holiday season or any other occasion a lot for special for feline owners and lovers!

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Cat training books

Who said that the cats cannot be trained? The first and probably the most important thing a new feline owner needs is guidance on how to train the kitten or cat in a way that it turns out to be an obedient and well-behaved furry friend. Even experienced cat owners cannot get enough of training tips and advice on feline training.
The best way to learn about training and upkeep of felines is to get a popular resource recommended time and again by experts. Some of the best kitten or cat training guides to consider are:

  • Think Like a Cat by Pam Johnson-Bennett: A must buy if you are a beginner looking for information on training your kitten. Covers all aspects of feline training with comprehensive information on how to train your cat from kitten-years to adult age using behavior modification and play therapy techniques. And it is available in Kindle edition too.
  • The Trainable Cat by John Bradshaw and Sarah Ellis: A 2016-published, 350-page primer that covers all facets of raising, training and caring for your favorite furry friend. Is filled with detailed information on scientific aspects as well as some easy-to-follow instructions to keep you and your cat happy during its lifetime. Available in multiple formats.
  • Naughty No More by Marilyn Krieger: Probably the best book on clicker training for cats. In short 150 pages, the book covers how you can train your cat to be obedient and disciplined around the house using positive reinforcement techniques and clicker training. The book is also available in Kindle format.

For more popular suggestions, you can check out our article on the best cat training guides. Most of the bestsellers that we share are available in multiple formats such as Paperback, Kindle and Audio CDs, so you can pick the format that suits you best.

Cat houses and condos

Cats just love to have an interactive and secure place to hang around and nap comfortably. So which cat furniture can fulfill this requirement? Enter cat houses and cat condos to the mix. Irrespective of whether you have an indoor staying feline or outdoor loving cat, a cat house is a perfect item to get.
Some of the best cat houses to consider are listed below:

  • MidWest Curious Cat Cube: Best-selling geometrically-designed retreat for cats and small dogs. Sturdy construction that is easy to assemble and collapses flat for easy storage and transportation. Available in four color combinations and designs.
  • Merry Products Nightstand Pet House: Attractive multi-functional pet house that also acts as a litter box cover, a coffee table or a night-stand. Features a sturdy stainless steel hardware construction with fiberboard cabinet. Available in four color combinations.
  • K&H Pet Products Outdoor Kitty House: A perfect home for cats that love to stay outdoors, for use in barns, garages, porches, and anywhere your furry feline need additional heat and protection. Available in heated and unheated models. Available in three color combinations.

Alternatively, if you are looking for a multi-cat condo that can also act as a scratch tree and activity place, check out the following options:

  • Armarkat Cat Tree Furniture Condo: Best-selling cat tree that features a sturdy pressed wood board covered with a faux fleece material. Can support cats that weigh up to 40 lbs. Provides a perfect playground and resting place for cats. Available in six interactive designs and color combinations.
  • Go Pet Club Cat Tree Condo: Another popular compressed wood cat tree that will keep your feline friend engaged. It features many perches and baskets for your cat or cats to nap with the soft faux fur covering. Available in four different color combinations.
  • Frisco Cat Tree Condo: High-end, multi-level cat tree with two full-sized condos, making it a perfect choice for multi-cat homes. Designed to be sturdy and safe with soft natural sisal covered posts and rimmed perches.

Litter boxes

Cats need a safe and convenient place to relieve themselves. Litter boxes provide a perfect solution for cats to do their business, so obviously they make a perfect item to consider for a feline-friendly household.
Going beyond the traditional litter boxes, some of the latest designs to consider are listed below:

  • PetSafe ScoopFree Self Cleaning Litter Box: An innovative, automatic litter box that self-cleans for weeks with no scooping, cleaning, or refilling. Extremely effective at reducing odors and uses 5-10 times less litter than other litter boxes. A perfect gift idea for tech-savvy cat owners.
  • Good Pet Stuff Hidden Cat Litter Box: A “hidden” litter box that looks like a real clay pot and a perfect item to get large and multi-cat homes. The litter box is made of high-quality Polypropylene plastic, with a plastic ornamental plant nested between the top and bottom of the litter box. It also features a filtered vent system that controls odor and dust.
  • Purina Tidy Cats Litter Kit: A full-fledged uncovered feline litter system that comes with a litter box, litter pellets, a scoop and absorbing pads. Made with high-quality plastic and features a removable protective drawer. Litter pellets are designed to minimize odor and last the whole month.

For more information and some additional litter box options, check out our article on the best cat litter boxes.

Interactive smart toys

Cats, like babies, love to play with interactive toys that stimulate their senses. Any toy that provides an intelligent workout to the cats would find a lot of favor from the feline. Some of the most popular interactive toys to consider are:

  • Catit Design Senses Play Circuit Bundle: The Catit Designs Senses series has a bunch of interactive toys which are a perfect choice for most felines. Instead of getting these items separately, you can opt for the Play Circuit Bundle, which comes with Catit Senses Massage Center, Play Circuit and Food & Treat Center. These toys provide the ultimate pampering and fun experience to any feline and hence make a perfect gift for feline owners.
  • Pawaboo Electronic Mouse Cat Toy: The natural instincts of cats chasing mice is captured perfectly in this battery powered toy. A burrowing mouse plays hide-and-seek to captivate the pet cat’s attention. Durable construction and portability make it an excellent choice for pet owners.
  • Petlinks Electronic Motion Cat Toy: The Electronic motion toy by PetLinks is another smart toy that utilizes the feline’s predatory senses. This speed adjustable toy creates unpredictable motions that replicate the movement of a hidden prey. Also available in a bunch of other designs to choose from.

Cat toy gift sets

Instead of getting individual toys for the cat, you can also look at getting a toy gift set with an assortment of more than seven such toys which can be a lot of fun for you and your furry feline.
Some of the best toy gift sets to consider for cats are listed below:

  • Fashion’s Talk Cat toys variety pack: Best-selling, high-quality cat toy combo pack filled with twenty entertaining toys. Featuring feathers, balls and catnip, mice and more this pack is the perfect choice for a feline. Made with non-toxic material and suitable for all cats and kittens.
  • Cat Is Good 12-Piece Pounce Toy Gift Box: Another popular toy set with 12 toys packed neatly in a gift box. Contains rolling balls and toys with catnip (including a feather wand, four rattle mice, two catnip mice, two sparkle balls, two plastic jingle balls and one additional catnip toy) that would make playtime for your furry friend a lot of fun.
  • The Natural Pet Company Cat Toys Collection: An assortment of seven toys packed neatly in a gift box. All the toys are made of natural materials – natural wood, sisal, elastic and feathers and designed to last.

Automatic feeders and water fountains

Reliable, disciplined and consistent feeding habits are necessary to keep your favorite pet to stay healthy and free from digestion-related issues. However, fast lives of today make it difficult to maintain a disciplined schedule for feeding and hydrating your beloved felines, especially for multi-pet homes.
Automatic pet feeders and water fountains are exactly what is needed for such feline owners. These items are a perfect gift for large breed and multi-pet homes.
If you are looking for automatic pet feeders, you can check out the following options. For more details and suggestions, you can check our detailed article on the best automatic pet feeders for pets.

  • Gempet Automatic Pet Feeder: The most popular electronic pet feeder for cats with excellent feeding control. It is designed to dispense up to 5 meals with a total capacity of 1.2 liters. It also features a 10-second voice recording capability to record your command. The feeder can work with a power supply or 4-C type batteries.
  • WOpet SmartFeeder Automatic Pet Feeder: An accurate smart electronic feeder, which provides reliable feeding control through a Wi-Fi connection and supported smart app. The WOpet app works on both Android and iOS platforms and provides an easy way to dispense up to 4 meals a day, with portion size ranging from 0.1 cups to 1 cup. And it comes with a 1-megapixel camera with recording and relaying capability to capture and stream those interesting feeding moments.
  • PetSafe Healthy Pet Automatic Feeder: The most popular electronic automatic pet feeder; such an perfect for multiple-cat homes and medium to large dog breeds. Features the best-in-class anti-jamming system and works with most types of dry kibbles.

All pets and especially cats love flowing water for hydration, and the best way to provide such a source for hydration is to get an automatic pet water fountain. These water fountains not only help in keeping the furry felines hydrated but also act as an elegant decorative addition to the household.
Some of the best pet water fountains to consider are listed below. You should also check out our article on the best pet water fountains for more information and suggestions.

  • YouThink Super Silent Pets Ceramic Drinking Fountain: A 360-degree water fountain made with environment-friendly, non-toxic ceramic. Features a super-quiet, IP68-rated, submersible AC pump that provides aerated flow and a double layer carbon filter.
  • PetSafe Drinkwell Ceramic Avalon Fountain: Beautifully-designed ceramic pet water fountain that features two free-falling streams with three-way drinking design – upper dish, stream and lower dish. Comes with a double stage water filter and is available in two elegant colors – red and white.
  • Pioneer Pet Raindrop Stainless Steel Pet Drinking Fountain: Best-selling metallic steel pet drinking fountain with two-level drinking stations. Comes with an ultra-quiet pump to circulate water and a charcoal filter to remove impurities. Suitable for all cats and small and medium dog breeds.

Smart cameras and treat stations

Smart treat stations and Wi-Fi cameras are a perfect gift for tech savvy cat owners who love to monitor their pets and also capture that perfect pose of their beloved feline while they are away. There are quite a few options in the market but not all smart feeders work as well as the ones we list below.
If you are looking for smart treat stations look at one of the following two options:

  • Petcube Bites Wi-Fi Pet Camera with Treat Dispenser: The best-selling smart treat dispenser that boasts of a 2 lbs. treat dispenser and a camera that supports 1080p HD video, 138-degree wide-angle view, night vision, 3x digital zoom, along with 2-way audio and smart sound detection. Works with iOS and Android as well as Amazon Alexa. Available in three color combinations and also with a cat-food bundle.
  • Furbo Treat Tossing, Full HD Wifi Pet Camera: A smart treat dispenser with a 1080p Camera, night vision and two-way radio. Designed to hold up to 100 pieces of dry treats for your beloved pet. Designed primarily for dogs, but works just as well for cats.

If you are just looking for a Wi-Fi camera that can be used to monitor your beloved furry friend while you are away, then check out the following best-selling options:

  • YI Home Wi-Fi Camera: Bestselling, budget 4X, 720HD home camera with Night Vision that is capable of capturing activities of your beloved pet throughout the day. Comes with a built-in microphone and a speaker to provide 2-way radio communication and is supported by an iOS/Android app for remote management.
  • Petcube Play Interactive Wi-Fi Pet Camera: High-end pet camera with 1080p HD video, 138˚wide-angle view, night vision, 3x digital zoom and two-way audio. Works with iOS/Android as well as Alexa. Features a built-in motion sensor and sound detector, along with a laser-tag toy to capture those cute moments as your beloved cat chases the light.

Cat grooming kits

Because of their thick coat cats need periodic grooming – de-shedding and trimming of the coat and clipping of nails. So a grooming kit is a great item to consider for cat owners. With so many options available in the market, picking the best grooming solution can be a challenge. Worry not, you can safely pick one of the following best-selling options:

  • Catit 2.0 Long Hair Grooming Kit: An everyday grooming kit designed specifically for medium to long hair and thick coat cats. Comes with a pin brush, metal slicker brush, de-matter tool, grooming comb with rolling pins and curved nail clipper, all securely contained in a secure container for easy transportation. A short hair grooming kit is also available for thin coat cats.
  • Wahl Professional Pro Ion Pet Grooming Kit: Made in the US, best-selling brand for pet clippers and trimmers. Features a cordless precision trimmer that can last for two hours after recharge. Works well with medium and thick cat coats.
  • Sminiker Professional Cordless Cat Grooming Kit: Another popular trimming and clipping kit for all pets, especially cats. Comes with a rechargeable titanium blade clipper, guiding combs, scissors and cleaning brush.

Additional Unique Gifts

In addition to the different categories listed above, there are some unique gifts to check out. These cleverly designed items are fully functional and provide a lot of fun time to the cat and its owner alike:

  • SUCK UK Cat DJ Station Scratch Pad: Smartly-designed cardboard scratching pad for cats which is built like a DJ station with a spinning deck and a posable arm. It is a perfect fun distraction for your beloved feline and is designed to give you plenty of laughable moments.
  • Modovo Burger Bun Pet Bed: A unique shell-shaped self-warming bed for cats weighing up to 12 lbs. It features a detachable pet bed which is fully washable and can act as a sleeping bag. The base is anti-skid, waterproof & moisture-proof.
  • Catoneer Foldable Hammock Bed for cats: A perfect hammock bed for cats, constructed with birch wood and foldable for easy transportation. Features a 100% cotton padded hammock that is smartly fitted to the base. Available in three color combinations.

Cat gift boxes and sets

Cannot decide what to gift your beloved feline or a fellow-cat owner? Resort to the all-time gift idea of gifting a gift box filled with assorted savories and toys?
Some of the best gift boxes to pick from are listed below:

  • Specialty Gifts Cat Gift Box: A popular feline gift box with a wooden cat sign, assorted cat treats and a couple of cat toys. All items are packed in an elegant gift box with a gift bow.
  • Fun Yum Cat Gift Box: Fun-filled cat gift box with 18 items. Includes healthy treats and toys that can stimulate feline’s senses for a long time.
  • Imperial Cat Feline Gift Set: A unique gift set that contains a scratcher, catnip toy, organic catnip, cat grass kit and a feather teaser. All the products are high quality and designed to last for long.

Final thoughts on the best gift ideas for cat owners

In this article, we shared 10 unique gift ideas for cat owners to consider for this holiday season, house-warming or any other occasion for cat owners. Most of the options that we listed are suitable for almost all breeds of cats and also households with one or with multiple cats. We also shared our recommendations for to consider in each category.
We hope that you would find these gift suggestions useful. Do let us know your feedback and additional suggestions by commenting below. Until next time, have a playful time with your feline friend!